Best GTA V RP Servers in 2023: RANKED

Best GTA V RP Servers in 2023 RANKED
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Are you tired of replaying the same old GTA Online experience? Do you want to spice things up and take on a new role in Los Santos? Then it’s time to head to GTA V’s roleplaying servers! In RP servers, you can become anything you want, a gangster, a cop, a business tycoon, or a street musician. The only limit? Your imagination! (and the server rules, oops).

But with so many servers out there, how does one figure out which ones are worth playing on? You’ve got nothing to worry about! We’re here with a list of the best GTA V RP servers as of 2023, guaranteed to give you the ultimate roleplaying experience inside the GTA world.

How Did We Select the Best RP Servers in GTA Online?

To bring you only the best of the best, we have tested the hell out of the servers to ensure you will get the maximum fun you can out of them. The first thing to consider is the size and activity of a server’s player base. Servers with an active player base let you experience a thriving community and participate in regularly occurring events, something only possible with many active players. Additionally, we prioritized immersive and creative roleplaying experiences rather than focusing solely on game mechanics.

A stable and reliable server is essential to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience when selecting a server to play on. The mentions you find below are all tough enough to provide you with hours of fun without worrying about that damned ping. We have only included servers with active and supportive communities, so you have people to talk to and get your concerns answered.

Now that you know how insane these servers are, get your mods ready, fire up GTA V, and get ready to immerse yourself in Los Santos like never before!

1. NoPixel

No Pixel
Image Credits: NoPixel

Starting the list with anything else would not do NoPixel service because this is one of the servers that truly popularized the RP genre in GTA V. It is the most popular and well-known GTA V RP server for English speakers, with frequent updates and rich lore to boot.

Due to its limited player capacity and high demand, the only downside to this server is the long wait times since everyone wants in on the best! NoPixel features a wide range of characters and scenarios, from criminals and cops to doctors and lawyers. Thanks to its immense popularity, big streamers like xQc, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae often stream their gameplay on this server. You can find more information on how to join on their website. Do note that this server requires the FiveM mod to join.

2. Grand Role Play

Grand Role Play
Image Credits: Grand Role Play

Grand Role Play is a RAGE MP server with servers in English, German, Serbian, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, each bustling with thousands of players. With its playable medics to media workers and everything in between, Grand Roleplay contains tons of organizations to play around with. In addition, it features a dynamic economy, countless events, and over 300 vehicles to choose from.

You just can’t go wrong with Grand Role Play if you want to enjoy an excellent roleplay with a touch of realism because it literally lets you play any NPC in the whole game! To back you up when you need it, it has an active Discord server for your support, so you always know you’re not alone! Here’s a little secret to help get you started on the server: Enter the promo GRANDNOW to get $25,000 in-game! So what’s the wait for? Join Grand Role Play today by registering an account on their website and setting up the RAGE MP mod for your GTA V.

3. Eclipse RP

Eclipse Roleplay
Image Credits: Eclipse Roleplay

Looking for a more serious roleplay experience and want to talk to randoms from across the globe? Eclipse RP is the server for you! With a great community, a max capacity of 1000 players, and experiences of factions, buildings, and robberies, Eclipse RP is one of the best GTA V RP servers in 2023. It uses the FiveM mod, and you can join by creating an account on their website and passing a quiz along with downloading the RageMP client.

Eclipse RP’s voice chat system makes in-game comms much better than other servers. But don’t worry, as a text chat option is always present if you prefer it. Eclipse RP also has a huge number of jobs and activities to choose from, whether you want to be a garbage man or a gangster. You can also buy or rent properties, own pets, and participate in frequent and exciting events. Once again, if you are in trouble, a Discord server is available for all the support you could want! Eclipse RP is a must try, so don’t hesitate and dive right in!

4. TwitchRP

Twitch Roleplay
Image Credits: TRP

Twitch RP is a whitelisted server that brings roleplays for other games like Red Dead Redemption with TRP RedMRP! You can apply by joining their Discord server and linking your Steam and Discord accounts to their website. Twitch RP has everything, from bikers and farmers to lawyers and celebrities. Popular streamers like Summit1g, Lirik, and TimTheTatman have streamed playing on this server.

Twitch RP is an excellent choice for players who want to experience playing with one of the best roleplaying communities and are also fans of Red Dead Redemption because its roleplay mod in GTA V is seriously crazy! Twitch RP has a set of rules and a code of conduct that you must follow, but don’t worry. A helpful staff team is available to assist you with any issues. Twitch RP also has a huge active community where you can keep in touch with the same Discord you use to apply.

5. Lucid City

Lucid City
Image Credits: Lucid City Roleplay

Concluding our list of the best GTA V roleplay servers is one that focuses on customization and realism, with custom scripts and mods, a dynamic economy, a selection of jobs and activities, and voice chat: LucidCity. This is another whitelisted server that requires an application to join. Once again, apply by joining their Discord server and filling out the form on their website. The Discord server is a great place to meet other players in the community and find help for anything in-game.

LucidCity is choked full of factions, gangs, businesses, and organizations to join or create. Examples include Lucid City Imports, Real Estate Agency, Weazel News, and Lucid Airlines. You can also play with properties, own pets, and participate in the server’s events. There is enough here to keep you glued to your screen for hours, so join the Discord and start playing immediately!

Should I Start Roleplaying In GTA Online?

GTA Online is still alive and thriving a decade after its launch, and roleplaying servers have only grown in popularity. However, with all the options, getting lost and not knowing which servers to go for can be easy. Whether you prefer to join a popular, multilingual, diverse server, a realistic and custom server, or anything in between, this list has you covered. Our picks are guaranteed to suit any preference and playstyle. 

Fulfill your fantasy of living in Los Santos with your buddies in any of the abovementioned mentions, and you will not be disappointed. Please share your thoughts and tell us which server you enjoyed the most in the comments section below!

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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