Best League of Legends Junglers for Beginners

Amumu the Sad Mummy in League of Legends
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League of Legends has set roles with different responsibilities around Summoner’s Rift. If you’re looking to get into being a Jungler in League of Legends but aren’t sure which champion to pick up, this guide will explain some of the best Junglers in League for beginners.

Best League of Legends Junglers for Beginners

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Image Credit: Riot Games.

Some Junglers will be challenging and have a high skill ceiling. Others, however, are very accessible and can do a great job at a beginner level.


Starting off with the cute little Mummy that is Amumu, he is a very accessible Jungler who has some great abilities for beginners. For the starting Jungle farm, Amumu has some great clear with his toggleable crying. He can be a bit mana-hungry at the start. That will slowly dissipate as you level him up through the match.

He has a tonne of crowd control, from roots to stuns, making him a great option if you want to pull off some ganks in the lanes. Additionally, you can build him in two ways, depending on how risky you want to play him. Depending on your team comp, you can build him AP-heavy, making him more of a bruiser than a full-on tank. Alternatively, you can build him as tanky as possible and rely on your teammates to put out the damage.

Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the easiest Junglers to play as a beginner in League of Legends. He has some wildly strong damage output if you farm well enough in the early game, especially if you can pull off some of those early ganks. Compared to some other Junglers on the list, he is a bit of a squishy one. This means that you may find yourself struggling to maintain your health. Luckily, he has a built-in healing ability and can leech a little bit from mobs, depending on how you build him.

Ganking with Master Yi is very easy, depending on your abilities. Using your ult gives you additional movement speed, making it easy to race into the lane. Your Q allows you to phase into an enemy, making you untargetable. This can make Master Yi a real pain to deal with, which is why he’s so great to play as a beginner Jungler.


Sejuani is an incredibly easy Jungler to pick up if you’re a beginner. She is naturally tanky but also has some great jungle clear. Getting Gold and leveling her up as you go will be easy. 

Pulling off ganks in the lanes is very easy, as she has an ability that makes her dash forward, as well as the ability to freeze enemies in the lane. She will get progressively tankier as you continue the game. By late game, she’s an unstoppable force.


Vi may seem a bit daunting at first, but she can be a really great Jungler to play if you’re looking for more of a bruiser rather than a tank. She has some great jungle clear and some dangerous engage if you’re looking for a high-speed gank. Charging up her ability, she can dash into the lane and temporarily stun the enemy, allowing the laner to get in on the action. She also has a fantastic ult that knocks the enemy airborne, allowing other champions to engage the enemy.

There are plenty of other fantastic Junglers that you can try out. Many will appear on the free rotation. These are some of the best Junglers to start with if you’re a beginner in League of Legends. It may seem daunting, but putting in a lot of practice can help you become a powerhouse in the game.

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