28 Best VR Games on Steam in 2024

Best VR Games on Steam 2024

The best VR games on Steam will help you make the most of your VR headset. From strategy to physics-based hand-to-hand combat, the finest games below will put your VR headset on extra shift, for sure.

That’s only natural considering the recent arrivals in the virtual reality landscape. The world of VR is getting more exciting with the arrival of new and more powerful VR devices. Alongside them, the best VR games on Steam are just getting better in terms of gameplay and graphics. 

Whether you have a Meta Quest 3, Valve Index, or another headset, the VR libraries offer amazing games perfect for VR escapists. Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the top VR games you can play through Steam VR.

28. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Bethesda’s magnum opus is worthy of becoming the only game you play in VR, provided that you have some essential mods installed. Without the glorious aid of the modding community, Skyrim VR often plays out like a journey of a pair of flying hands. However, with the best Skyrim VR mods installed, you’ll get yourself one of the finest games of VR escapism.

Wandering through the wilds and mountains of Skyrim in virtual reality is an unmatched experience. With Jeremy Soule’s Secunda playing out in the background, Skyrim VR easily becomes one of the best VR games out there.

27. A Fisherman’s Tale

One of the best VR games on Steam takes you through the mind-bending tale of Bob the Fisherman, filled with weird puzzles and strange events.

The whole gameplay of The Fisherman’s Tale feels like a chaotic dream. As you try to navigate your way around, you’ll have to interact with lots of objects and solve a ton of puzzles. The game packs all of it in a great gameplay session, making it worthy of your VR adventures. Since it also comes with lovely visuals and doesn’t have fast-paced gameplay, it’s a great entry point for those new to VR.

26. Gorn

Coming from the developers of Broforce and Genital Jousting, Gorn is an extremely violent gladiator game that will eradicate any type of stress and anxiety with its smooth and vicious gameplay.

Gorn puts you in the shoes of a mindless brute and grants you a large arsenal of freakish weapons. As you fight against, well, mindless brutes like yourself, you get to delve into all types of violent executions. It’s simply the dream of a brute gladiator and offers a ton of fun.

25. Rez Infinite

Rez is a timeless game that has endured two decades and multiple game console generations. Frankly, that’s only natural, considering how wonderfully it unifies music, gameplay, and stimulating visuals. All of its great aspects fit perfectly into virtual reality, resulting in an out-of-body experience.

Rez Infinite’s mesmerizing graphics, contrasting levels, and fast-paced gameplay will make you a fan. That’s why it has to be in your VR gaming library on Steam. 

24. Myst

Cyan World’s Myst is another brilliant game that feels perfect to play in virtual reality. With more than a thousand positive reviews on Steam, Myst will take you on a journey shrouded in mystery and intrigue. 

Those who played Myst with a VR headset share that it feels like the definitive way to play this game. Considering its beautiful visuals and brilliant puzzles, one can understand why Myst is the favorite of many VR enthusiasts. 

23. Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu

As one of the best new VR games on Steam, Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu takes fighting in VR to the next level. The kung fu fighter immerses you in highly-detailed arenas, where you fight against bots and other players in physics-based combat sequences. 

Coming from Ben Olding Games, this excellent fighter draws the best inspirations from the timeless fighting movies of the 1980s. Of course, it goes above and beyond being a mere homage to the classics, as its fighting mechanics are addictive, immersive, and simply wonderful.

Whether you’re tired of boxing in PunchFit or got frustrated in VR Chat, Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu offers an unmatched martial arts experience in its hilarious PvP battles and solid single-player mode.

22. Until You Fall

Until You Fall is another highly addictive rogue-lite that fully utilizes the best features of advanced VR mechanics. The physics-based action game offers synth-powered action sequences where you fight against all kinds of creatures.

Helmed by Schell Games, Until You Fall is one of the best games for those who want a solid exercise session in VR, too. That’s because its physics-based melee gameplay can be quite exhausting. Of course, it’s also very rewarding, thanks to its roguelite loop.

Alongside all these great aspects, Until You Fall is one of the best melee fighting games in the VR landscape with its punchy attack and block formula. 

21. Townsmen VR

Townsmen VR offers a chill and lighthearted experience that will make it your new VR favorite among the fast-paced and dizzying VR games. The lovely city-builder combines the best aspects of its genre with innovative building elements and immersive VR mechanics.

The relaxed gameplay formula of Townsmen VR makes it one of the best VR games to play while sitting, too. Without the constant stress of accidentally hitting your expensive VR controllers, you will love guiding your villagers through hell and high water in Townsmen VR.

20. Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery is one of the best VR games on Steam that will convince you to buy a VR headset. Its developers have been working on Blade and Sorcery since the beginning of its early access period back in 2018.

Blade and Sorcery allows you to dive into vicious melee fights with medieval weapons and commit brutal fatalities in virtual reality. What’s more, you can also resort to a brand new weaponry arsenal thanks to the modders’ incredible work. 

The modding community has added lightsabers, magic powers, and even action rifles. Thanks to the community work and the commitment of its developers, Blade and Sorcery is one of the best VR games on Steam that’s a must-have for any VR enthusiast.

19. Tetris Effect: Connected VR

Tetris Effect VR is one game that fully portrays virtual reality’s full potential. It’s a magnificent title that turns the ancient game of Tetris into a mesmerizing experience. 

Every stage of the Tetris Effect employs different rhythms and brilliant visual effects. What makes Tetris Effect special and different from other Tetris games made us all fans of the base game. The excellent VR version quadruples that unmatched experience and immerses you in its magical world.

18. Thumper

as one of the best VR games on Steam, Thumper gloriously delivers when it comes to rhythm-action and mind-bending speed. Its extremely vibrant and mesmerizing visuals, blistering gameplay, and brutal nature will make it your new VR favorite.

This fever dream of a VR Game will put you in the shoes of a metal bug destined to take down a probably evil giant head. That won’t be easy, though, as Thumper’s relentless rhythm and action will constantly test your patience and endurance. Everything about this brilliant game makes it a must-have for any VR lover.

17. In Death

Sending volleys of arrows against blurry enemies was one of the initial value offers of VR gaming. Years after the lackluster archery mechanics in VR, excellent games like In Death mastered the motion of shooting arrows in virtual reality.

This excellent roguelike shooter puts you in the shoes of a master archer, bound to overcome the perils of the Afterlife. As you can understand from the setting, In Death depicts limbo-like arenas and surreal medieval landscapes filled with freakish creatures. 

On top of its impressive visuals and intriguing story, In Death also nails the ranged combat mechanics. Using your longbow alongside a shield is an excellent combat element that delivers through every stage of the game. 

16. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR is one of the best VR games on Steam. It’s also an essential VR game that anyone with a headset must dive into right now.

Whether you’re a fan of aviation or simply want to see the world, Microsoft Flight Simulator offers probably the best and the cheapest option. On top of its marvelous technical achievement of simulating real-time landscapes, Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches glorious new heights in VR as well. Although it can be a bit difficult to set up, you’ll find it very hard to go back to the 2D screen once you’re in your virtual cockpit.

15. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The explosive fun in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes made it one of the best co-op games of the last decade. The excellent VR version of the game takes it up a notch, taking full advantage of virtual reality.

The co-op title puts you in the shoes of a bomb defuser while giving your friend a frustratingly complicated manual filled with random information on how to defuse it.

Interacting with the bomb and its different puzzles is a ton of fun in VR. Instead of rotating the bomb in the 2D screen, you can analyze it and solve the puzzles in virtual reality. It’s a lot better than the base version of the game since your brain makes you believe that you’re actually in a room with a bomb that’s about to explode.

14. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Listing the best VR games on Steam without a horror classic would be a shame. That’s why we strongly suggest Help Wanted, which is a collection of classic mini-games we’ve played in other games within the Five Nights at Freddy‘s universe.

Boasting an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted is a horrifying game you can play in VR. If you somehow fancy the harrowing jumpscares and relentless pursuit of these automatons, Help Wanted will be your next addiction in VR.

13. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

The best VR games are all about doing crazy and chaotic things you wouldn’t have the chance or the permission to do in real life. That’s where Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades take the scene with its wide arsenal of hot dogs, horseshoes, and, well, hand grenades.

This incredibly fun sandbox game has been in development for more than six years. The plethora of updates it has received introduced absurd firing ranges, more than 500 firearms, and a ton of hilarious game mods.

Hot Dogs is the game that anyone needs to play after a long and exhausting day. It’s the ultimate result of aiming for total player freedom in virtual reality. 


It’s impossible to overlook VTOL VR, one of the best VR games on Steam for anyone who enjoys flight simulations. This detailed and immersive simulator offers wonders in its combat scenarios featuring various combat aircraft. Since it’s not as complicated as Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s also the perfect game for those new to VR and flight sims.

VTOL VR comes with a ton of single-player content alongside community-made missions. Thanks to its detailed and helpful onboarding process, VTOL VR is a must-have for any VR fan with a slight interest in aviation and air combat.

11. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

A captivating atmosphere and brilliant puzzles have always been two of the strongest suits of The Room series. However, both aspects get even better in The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

This excellent VR puzzler is easily one of the best VR games on Steam. It comes with awesome attention to detail and showcases how it fully takes advantage of VR’s best elements.

Naturally, the impressive puzzler has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam. If you’re into Lovecraftian mysteries, noir stories, and puzzle-solving, The Room VR: A Dark Matter is the finest option out there.

10. Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Another wonderful VR game on Steam with an Overwhelmingly Positive rating is a far cry from the usual VR action. That’s because this lovely game takes you to the distant corners of our universe, where you can dive into ultimate golfing.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR has a large selection of mini golf courses, ranging from Japanese gardens to space stations. Considered one of the best multiplayer VR experiences, it can actually make you a mini golfing addict.

Moreover, Might Coconut’s wildly popular VR title brings you with other people as well. Whether you’re into golfing or just want to escape into a lovely world, join up with up to 8 people and enjoy golfing in virtual reality.

9. Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox offers the ultimate combination of the immersive capabilities of VR with the best elements of a sandbox game. This unique title doesn’t have the core tenets we see in many other games, both on 2D screens and VR games as wellThat’s because it aims to offer a physics-based space simulation where you can explore our universe’s celestial powers.

From clashing planets to each other to witnessing the death of stars, Universe Sandbox offers an unmatched experience that will often leave you in awe. It’s simply one of those VR experiences that will make a solid argument for why you shouldn’t sell your VR headset.

8. Superhot VR

Playing Superhot with a virtual reality headset is the definitive way to play this game. From its setting to gameplay mechanics, every aspect of Superhot VR makes it one of the best VR games on Steam today.  

The VR port of the game has everything a perfect VR game must offer. Superhot offers an easy onboarding process, challenging gameplay, and a unique gameplay mechanic that makes time move when you move. 

The game tests your reflexes and environmental awareness as you try to take down enemies made of red crystals by dodging the bullets and using the objects around you.

For all these reasons and more, Superhot VR is easily one of the best VR games on Steam. Its vague visuals and slow-paced combat sequences make it a perfect entry point for those who are new to VR as well.

7. Pavlov VR

Those accustomed to the blurry and fast-paced gameplay sessions of virtual reality will love Pavlov VR. That’s because Valve’s wildly popular competitive shooter offers an unmatched experience. 

Despite being in early access for years, Pavlov VR has been the go-to for any competitive gamer in the VR gaming scene. Those who spent hours in a Counter-Strike game won’t be able to put down their controllers when playing it.

It’s also worth noting that Pavlov VR comes with a great deal of features that make it great for new players as well. The bots, offline mods, and the community-hosted dedicated servers render Valve’s shooter one of the best VR games on Steam.

6. Underdogs VR

Boasting an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, Underdogs VR is a fantastic mech-action game in VR. It takes you to the mech-clashing arenas of the skidrow, where you fight against robot dogs and self-exploding bots.

Underdogs VR uses the full potential of the latest technologies in the VR landscape. Its physics-based, satisfying combat completely immerses you in its dark and gritty world of underground fights. Since it builds its solid gameplay mechanics on a roguelike formula, Underdogs also offers hours of gameplay.

As one of the best VR games on Steam, this brilliant mecha-fighter also comes with a booming soundtrack. What else is there to say? It’s a must-have VR experience. 

5. No Man’s Sky VR

Hello Games’ once-troubled space explorer turned into an incredible game over the years. The dedication of its developer rendered No Man’s Sky one of the best games of its genre. What’s more, it gets even better in virtual reality.

No Man’s Sky is one of those titles that we gladly sink days and weeks into it. Building bases, entering a planet’s atmosphere, and stepping into the unknown are some of the best value offers of No Man’s Sky. And doing those very things in VR is a majestic experience.

4. The Thrill of the Fight

As one of the best VR games on Steam, The Thrill of the Fight puts you in the shoes of an aspiring boxer. As a brand new virtual reality fighter, you can make use of the equipment in a humble boxing GYM. From practicing with a speed bag to sparring with other trainees, The Thrill of the Fight also lets you take on big boxing bouts.

As a wildly popular and successful title, this incredible boxing game delivers an exhausting training session. Its physics-based combat mechanics make it one of Steam’s finest VR games, too. It’s also among the top choices for anyone who uses VR to exercise. Naturally, The Thrill of the Fight boasts an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Valve’s storefront. 

3. Boneworks

Anyone who has spent considerable time in virtual reality would easily suggest Boneworks. Made by Stress Level Zero, Boneworks offers an incredible VR experience featuring a myriad of different weapons and diverse landscapes.

Its physics-based combat gameplay, strange tools, and classic instruments of annihilation render it an essential VR title. The freakish nature of its gameplay and smooth controls garnered thousands of positive reviews on Steam. Boneworks now boasts more than 30,000 reviews, resulting in a Very Positive rating.

2. Half-Life 2 VR Mod

Playing Half-Life Alyx as soon as you get your hands on a VR headset is naturally the first thing to do. However, its two-decades-old predecessor also offers wonders with its incredible VR mod.

You might have played Half-Life 2 numerous times, or maybe you never got the right time to experience this FPS classic. Regardless of your Half-Life repertoire, Half-Life 2 VR Mod offers the ultimate way to play Valve’s undying magnum opus. From reloading animations to surprisingly stunning visuals, everything about Half-Life 2 VR mod is simply top-notch. 

Moreover, the excellent mod comes with a series of configurations, allowing you to tailor the most comfortable experience throughout City 17.

1. Half-Life Alyx

Listing the best VR games on Steam without Half-Life Alyx wouldn’t make sense at all. It’s the long-awaited next entry of Valve’s cult classic Half-Life series. And, of course, it’s arguably the best VR game ever made. From its brilliant narrative to the perfect utilization of VR’s capabilities, it delivers a sublime experience that only a few games have achieved in the past.

If you somehow missed it or simply never convinced yourself to get into it, playing Half-Life Alyx is a rite of passage for a VR headset. Better not wait any more, huh?


Frequently Asked Questions

We listed some of the burning questions on the internet about the best VR games on Steam. Whether you’re boasting a Meta Quest 3 or looking for new adventures with your Valve Index, check out the answers to the most asked questions below.

What is the Number 1 VR game on Steam?

War Thunder is the most-played VR game on Steam right now. According to SteamDB, the World War 2 simulator has an average concurrent player of 60.000. Right after War Thunder, VRChat graces the list with its hilarious moments and VR shenanigans.

How to Play the Best VR Games on Steam?

If you’re using a Meta Quest headset, you’ll need to set up Airlink and SteamVR to play the hottest VR games on Steam.

You can also stream the games on your PC to your headset using Steam Link. In both cases, having a 5GHz WiFi network is essential. If you’re not using a Quest Link cable, make sure your PC is connected to a 5 GHz network.

Is SteamVR Free?

Yes, SteamVR is essential when it comes to playing VR titles on your PC. It’s vital software that allows you to stream your VR games to your headset. However, you still need to spend your hard-earned cash on the VR games.


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    Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

Written by Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

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