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Biomutant Automaton 5C | Where to Find Chugyard Tracks

Biomutant Automaton 5C

As you travel through the first few areas of Biomutant, you might come upon the Chugyard. This place holds a lot… Though it mostly holds bombs. You’ll eventually get a sidequest nearby called Automaton 5C, and knowing where the tracks located will be crucial to your quick and effective movement through the game. That being said, where are the tracks? And what else should you look for in the Chugyard? We have you covered!

Automaton 5C Quest | Chugyard Tracks Location

Biomutant Automaton 5C

In order to find the Automaton 5C Chugyard Tracks, you must head into the Chugyard and move to the back of the area until you come across some tracks. Follow the train tracks all the way Southwest until there is a cutscene with you and your metal cricket. They’ll thank you for following the tracks and talk to you about the creature that left them. Then, you’ll be on your merry way!

This is normal for the Old Noticeboard questline, and you’ll need to interact with the old noticeboard if you want to start the Automaton 5C questline. The noticeboard is just outside the front of the Chugyard, before you can enter the place. If you haven’t done these quests before, you should grab them! They have awesome lore about the old world, when humans were still commonplace.

The Chugyard doesn’t just have the Automaton tracks, there’s also a Bioblob container, hidden behind one of the metallic doors. This is also where you need to go to interact with Gizmo, your main helper to take out the Puff of the West Root. And you better explore the trash and gunk around the Chugyard, because you might find some upgrades and medkits to help you through the early game.

Biomutant is choc-full of quests and collectibles to find! The Automaton questline is just one of many, many different quests for you to complete. So get out there and start exploring!

Written by Andrew Smith