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Biomutant Bricktown Fry Sparker | Where to Find Microwave

Biomutant Bricktown Fry Sparker

Biomutant has seemingly no end to the things you can look for and gather. One of the biggest side quests that you’ll take on is to find old relics of the human world scattered throughout the land. One of the surviving items is the Fry Sparker, a microwave found in Bricktown. This device is still alive, so it’s important that you find it, document it, and see what’s inside! This is not just important for completionists, either; it’s got some loot inside! So finding the microwave is totally worth it!

Where to Find the Bricktown Fry Sparker in Biomutant

Biomutant Bricktown Fry Sparker

In order to find the Fry Sparker, enter the building near the center of Bricktown. On the Map screen, you should be overlapping with the “B” of Bricktown. Head upstairs, hook around a corner, and you should be in a kitchen, where a microwave is having a fit. Head to it, interact with it and complete the basic puzzle to get some high-tier loot and progress for the Fry Sparker questline.

Microwaves and other old-world devices are all over the world of Biomutant. Bricktown happens to have three of them, which is a pretty huge amount!

The Fry Sparker puzzle is not too difficult to solve either; simply point the notches in the correct direction so that the lights match the color. Once the notches match with the outside components, the microwave will start (and finish) cooking, and you’ve got yourself some loot!

The Fry Sparker sidequest is something that’s going to take a very, very long time. It’s going to span the entire map, so don’t be worried about rushing it right away. This is mostly so you can just keep track of how many different areas you have explored! And if you get the Bricktown Fry Sparker, then new ones will be automatically pinged on your map. Perfect for searching for your next place to hunt for high-tier loot!

Written by Andrew Smith