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Biomutant Fluff Hulk Nest | How to Complete All Objectives

Biomutant Fluff Hulk Nest

The Fluff Hulk is a fearsome creature that sees it’s spawn terrorizing the world of Biomutant. There are a ton of Fluff Hulk Nests that you will constantly run into all over the game world. These nests only have one specific thing in common; there is a Keyswallower Munster somewhere in the area, and it has a key to a storage or vault that you want. However, that’s not the only objective in any single nest. That can be especially annoying if the other objectives are things like “Superb Loot.” Hopefully, this guide can help you see some of the patterns in these areas!

How to Complete All Fluff Hulk Nest Objectives in Biomutant

Biomutant Fluff Hulk Nest

In order to complete the Fluff Hulk Nest objectives, you must first locate the Fluff Hulk by following the tracks that the beast leaves. Once you slay the hulk, follow the quest that pops up to get to the vault, and loot the vault. This may get you pieces of Superb Loot that you need to complete the area. Then, look for glowing pieces of loot and mounds of trash across the area to find the rest of the loot, alongside any Resource Totems nearby.

The Keyswallower Munster isn’t always the same dark, fluffy beast, but it tends to be the same style. Just follow the tracks within the nest if you’re having trouble finding the Fluff Hulk, and you’ll probably find it sleeping or drinking water eventually. Sometimes, you may need to save and quit, or fast travel to reload the game if the Fluff Hulk refuses to spawn.

After the Hulk is defeated, the Superb Loot is by far the most annoying objective. While glowing loot crates tend to be the most obvious place to find Superb Loot, the crates won’t always glow. Further, mounds of trash never glow, despite the fact that they can consistently have Superb Loot inside of them. Check the vault that they key leads to, since that vault will always have superb loot in it. The vault might be close enough to count as being in the Hulk’s territory!

The Resource Totems that often dot around the nest aren’t too hard to find. Look for a soft, gray location dot on your screen. This will consistently lead you to Resource Totems or important locations around the nest. These gray circles are critical if you want to find random important spots in any area, let alone these fluffy boys’ nests!

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Written by Andrew Smith