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Biomutant Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon | How to Get Sparktown Hypicskromp

Biomutant Suburbia ultimate ranged weapon

If you want to do some of the highest damage in Biomutant, you’re going to want the Ultimate Weapons. These are an extremely high rarity, quality, and material, so they devastate enemies. The Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon, also called the Sparktown Hypicskromp, is the strongest rifle in the game. Because of that, you’re gonna want to get it if you’re a dead-eye. Learn its location and how to get it in this quick guide!

How to Get the Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon

Biomutant Suburbia ultimate ranged weapon

The Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon is locked in the Suburbia Vault, located in the northwest of Suburbia. Before you can get it, you’ll need to activate Suburbia’s monster by accepting Moog’s quest. Moog lives in the northern part of the Deadzone, and his quest will lead you to many Keyswallower Munsters across the world of Biomutant. Once you defeat the Suburbia Keyswallower, you can unlock the Suburbia Vault and get the Sparktown Hypicskromp.

The Suburbia Vault is one of the most annoying vaults to open in the game. To open it, you’ll need to talk to Moog first, who lives in the Deadzone. That means you’ll have to do some of Gizmo’s quest, which requires a bit of Oxygen resistance. You’ll need at least 50% to survive, as long as you’re quick!

Once you’ve gotten to Moog, the Suburbia Munster will be a fairly early objective of his questline. Just take it down, and then hit Tab (or the Mission Update Button) to see where the vault containing the Sparktown Hypicskromp is located.

The Suburbia Ultimate Ranged Weapon is insanely strong, as it increases in attack speed the lower ammo count it has. It’s also a non-automatic rifle, meaning the Dead-Eye deals double damage with it. This combo makes destroying the game easy since you can shred bosses and little enemies alike from a safe distance.

Remember, you can craft and upgrade the Sparktown Hypicskromp with a top mod, a stock, and a magazine. You can make it even better! It reloads very fast, and will easily carry whatever build takes the time to find it.

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Written by Andrew Smith