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Biomutant Freekfree Green ATM | How to Get

Biomutant Freekfree Green ATM

Freekfree is a small game in the center of Biomutant‘s massive map. It is apparently legendary for not having monsters in it, but legends are usually false. After you clear out the cave, you might run into a problem with one of the area objectives; finding the Freekfree Green ATM. This ATM is actually inside of the cave, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be banging your head against a wall. Thankfully, there’s a cheesy way to get the Green ATM early so that you don’t need to return to Freekfree later.

How to Get the Freekfree Green ATM in Biomutant

Biomutant Freekfree Green ATM

To get the Freekfree Green ATM early, head to the room where a massive cliff obstructs your path forwards. On the wall to the left, you’ll see a few green patches. You can hop onto the green patches with a little bit of effort, and then you can double-jump to get onto the cliff. This might take a few tries, but it means you never have to come back to this cave again, and that should be worth something.

The Green ATM is not a super important item in the long run; it gives you a small amount of Green to work with that you can use to buy gear and parts at any significant town. If you’re a perfectionist, then Freekfree is incompletable until a bit later on in the game, since the cliff is annoying to climb without jumping on the little wall. That means you’d have to return here for no reason; if you’re already there, then you might as well use the geometry to your advantage!

This doesn’t really feel like a cheat, either; the little section of the wall is green! This is a great time-saving little jump for you, and it’s worth it for completionists and those looking for 250 free money alike!

Written by Andrew Smith