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Biomutant Super Wung-Fu | How to Use

Biomutant Super Wung-Fu

Biomutant has a ton of different combat mechanics for you to try out. From ranged to melee and everything in between, you’ll never be bored. However, there is one Biomutant specific mechanic that might have slipped under your radar; Super Wung-Fu. This intense combat mechanic is oh-so important, since it can give you survivability and damage. It is a little strange to activate, though, so you’d be forgiven if you missed how it worked. We have you covered!

How to Use Super Wung-Fu in Biomutant

Biomutant Super Wung-Fu

In order to use Super Wung-Fu in Biomutant, you must use three Wung-Fu maneuvers that deal damage to enemies. You must use a different Wung-Fu maneuver after using one, but you can switch back and forth between maneuvers to get Super Wung-Fu. Once you’ve activated your three Wung-Fu symbols, hit the prompt next to your character to fly into a flurry of blows that will leave your enemies reeling.

Normal Wung-Fu is critical in activating your fury mode. You need to learn at least some maneuvers if you ever want to use this ability. This can be annoying; all maneuvers are tied to specific weapon groups. “Gun” means pistol, for example, and you can’t use “Gun” maneuvers while dual-wielding pistols.

And you need two maneuvers that use the weapons you are currently wielding! If you change weapon types a lot, this means that your Wung-Fu is going to be a bit difficult to consistently activate. Thankfully, most maneuvers only cost one upgrade point, so you can pretty easily get a good combination of ranged and melee weapon Wung-Fu maneuvers. Then, you can activate Super Wung-Fu whenever you like!

While activated, Super Wung-Fu gives you a melee combo that tracks a single enemy, a ranged flurry of shots, a ground-pound, and a throw. Depending on who you are fighting, each of these have their advantages. The single-target attack hits hard, the ground-pound is one of the few ways for you to consistently AoE the room, and the shot barrage is very safe damage for you to inflict.

This isn’t to say Super Wung-Fu is overpowered, but give it a try once you have some Wung-Fu maneuvers. You may be surprised at how effective it is.

Written by Andrew Smith