Blizzard Entertainment Is Making a Survival Game Based off a New Ip

Blizzard Entertainment is Making A Survival Game Based Off A New IP
Photo Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment, the same Blizzard that is currently being purchased with Activision for almost $70 Billion, is making a brand new game.

Blizzard Entertainment is Making A Survival Game Based Off A New IP
Photo Credit: Blizzard

The company asks people to “create a new universe with us.” Blizzard is developing an all-new survival game for both PC and console. They admit being in the early stages of development, with several open positions highlighted:

  • Environmental Artist (Associate to Senior)
  • Senior Character Artist
  • Technical Artist (FX Pipeline)
  • Senior Character Concept Artist
  • Associate Level Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Lead Software Engineer, Engine
  • Senior Software Engineer, Audio
  • Senior Software Engineer, Server
  • Senior Software Engineer, Tools

Their hiring pitch is as follows:

For thirty years, Blizzard has been creating universes for millions of players around the globe. This requires a diverse team of developers willing to lend their voices, to listen and to be heard. That is our mission.

Do you like survival games? Do you want to join a collaborative team of experienced developers at the early stage of a new project in a new world…and help write the next chapter in Blizzard’s story?

Source: Blizzard

This would represent the first new IP from Blizzard Entertainment since Overwatch’s release in 2016. Before that, the last original IP to launch was Starcraft in 1998; Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm use characters from already existing franchises. For a company that has incredibly strong and popular IPs to develop another new franchise. Starcraft, for example, has been dormant for years.

According to Mike Ybarra, Head of Blizzard Entertainment, the game is in a playable state.

Don’t forget too, though, that this is the same Blizzard Entertainment that has been accused of sexual misconduct and misogyny. While the company is talking the talk, they still need to walk the walk. Step one would be for Activision Blizzard to recognize the union recently formed by Raven Software QA developers.


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