A Former Activision Blizzard Staffer Held a Press Conference to Describe Her Experience in Alcohol Soaked Culture

A former employee held a presser today to describe her sexual harassment within the company

A couple of years back, the California Department of Fair Housing and Employment did a deep investigation into the culture at Activision Blizzard. They did not like what they found. In fact, they described it as a frat boy environment with over the top drinking and rampant sexual harassment.

Since then, the company has failed at multiple attempts at damage control. A woman named Jen Oneal was promoted to run the company, but resigned shortly after. CEO Bobby Kotick who was accused of abusive behavior himself, remains. And surprise layoffs at the Raven location recently led to walk-outs.

And the news got worse for the gaming giant on Wednesday. A former employee of the company named Christine, held a press conference to describe her experience while working at the company. And Christine was joined by lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Bloom has a long history of working on cases where prominent people have been accused of sexual harassment. This includes 4 of Donald Trump’s accusers as well as 3 of Bill O’Reillys. Bloom also represented Janice Dickenson when she went after Bill Cosby.

Christine described a litany of issues during her 4 years with the company. The former employee says she was regularly propositioned for sex during her tenure. One of those who made advances was a supervisor. She alleges that when she went to management about the issues, she was told not to go to human resources.

During the presser, Christine also said that she was eventually demoted by the company and continued to be sexually harassed. The demotion also prevented her from participating in Activision Blizzard’s profit sharing program.

Bloom said during the conference that she believes other women have similar stories to that of Christine. And the lawyer is calling for them to join the pair in the lawsuit.

Todd Neikirk

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