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Borderlands 3 Complex Root Location | Where to Find

Borderlands 3 Complex Root

The Bounty of Blood DLC has just dropped for Borderlands 3 and you might be wondering how to get the new Complex Root Legendary weapon. After all, Borderlands 3 is all about getting the best loot — so if you’re after one of the best sniper rifles around you may want to pay attention. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Borderlands 3 Complex Root location, but you’ll need to prepare yourselves for a fight.

How to Get the Complex Root in Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Complex Root

The Complex Root is a powerful sniper rifle and as such means, it is dropped by a powerful sniper. In Borderlands 3 this powerful sniper is called Lani Dixon, one Gehana’s most wanted. Once you defeat Lani Dixon there will be a chance she drops the Complex Root — but if she doesn’t straight away, you will need to repeat the fight.

First of all, you will need to head to Ashfall Peaks on Gehana, that’s where the Complex Root can be found. When you get there, you will notice a save point. The area itself is quite large, however, there is a shortcut jump just a little further up from the save point to your left. Specifically, when you’re on the wooden bridge you can actually make it up to the top beam and get around the corner.

It’s quite a difficult jump though, so it may be tough for some characters or builds to complete successfully. However, if you can manage it, you will be able to speed up the farming process. Once you are there, you will need to defeat Lani Dixon. This should be easy enough given you have a powerful enough weapon to spam bullets into her. It may take a few tries but don’t give up.

After you have actually managed to get her to drop the Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood Complex Root weapon, you’ll find that it’s a very strong sniper rifle with great handling and accuracy. It’s also a weapon you can use through Mayhem 10, so if you’re looking to play on this insanely hard difficulty, then the Complex Root isn’t a gun you’ll want to pass up.

The weapon is so great because not only can it drop in all the different elements available but it also shoots two bullets at once, maximizing damage and rewarding accuracy. Once you have the Borderlands 3 Complex Root, you will find encounters easier to deal with. It’s not too difficult to farm the weapon location and is worth the effort. For more on Bounty of Blood, check out the official website.

Written by Andrew Smith