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Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade | Where to find the grenades

Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade

In most first person shooters, grenades aren’t really something that people bother with. They have their moments, but running and gunning seem to take priority over hand grenades. This isn’t so in Borderlands 3 though. Its developers have found a way to make each and every weapon as interesting and useful as can be. This is especially so with the Hex Grenades, powerful enemy-seeking explosives that rain down hellfire. Here’s where to find a Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade.

Where to find a Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade?

Borderlands 3 Hex Grenades

Borderlands 3 strives to give players some of the most interesting and devastating weapons. Among them are the Legendary MIRV-Tacular Hex Grenades. They’re among the strongest weapons in the game, launching six seeking grenades that deal a large and consistent amount of damage. They sound great and all, but there’s one problem; how do you find them?

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Despite their legendary status, the Borderlands 3 Hex Grenade is pretty much a random item drop. Naturally, being legendary, they’re dropped by some of the strongest bosses and enemies. They seem to become available around level 20, late in the game. Finding them can be a bit of a guessing game though, but odds can be increased with the Luck stat.

Casinos and the slots seem to yield some luck in receiving Hex Grenades, provided the player has some decent luck to begin with. Sitting at a slot machine for a few hours is bound to get some players something. However, despite statistics and gambling fallacies, it’s still not a surefire way of getting Hex Grenades. 

The best way to find some Hex Grenades is through defeating high leveled, highly difficult bosses. Many players are finding that Tyreen the Destroyer, the final boss, drops Hex Grenades somewhat reliably. Others have had luck with the Katagawa Ball and Gigamind bosses. One thing’s for sure: Hex Grenades are mostly going to be found on high difficulty boss drops. 

Written by Andrew Smith