Bravely Default 2 | How Many Chapters Are There?

Bravely Default 2 - How many chapters are there?

As you make your way through Bravely Default 2, you might find yourself a bit worried about the length of the game. Traditional RPGs can take a while to beat, so knowing your destination is important. In addition, it can be a bit puzzling to look online for how many chapters are in Bravely Default 2. Right now, there seems to be some confusion about the exact number of chapters in the game. Our guide will hopefully help you know how much longer your Bravely Default 2 journey will last.

How Many Chapters are in Bravely Default 2?

How many chapters are in Bravely Default 2

There are a total of seven different chapters in Bravely Default 2. These chapters will bring you across the land looking for the elemental crystals that this series is so fond of. Generally speaking, this should give you round 60 hours of playtime, or perhaps a little bit more if you want to farm levels and Booster Buns to maximize your party’s power level.

Spoiler Warning: After this point, the guide may have story spoilers. Please read at your discretion.

The first five chapters are fairly straightforward, in terms of Bravely Default 2 story lines. After defeating the final encounter of Chapter 5, make sure you leave the area rather than approach the boss again. You’re not going to want to stay in that loop unless you’re looking for something in particular. After scooching by, there are two more chapters; Chapters 6 and 7 are noticeably shorter than the other five chapters.

Bravely Default 2 also seems noticeably shorter than it’s predecessor, Bravely Default. This is not by a significant margin; the game is just a few hours shorter than the original game, with slightly less to do after you’re done with the story. Bravely Default 2 lacks a lot of post-story power, but there’s still probably more than 20-40 hours after you’re done with the main story. Especially if you want to farm the really good endgame weapons!

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Written by Andrew Smith