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Chivalry 2 Is Officially Headed to Next-Gen

The highly-anticipated sequel of the 2012 classic Chivalry is set to release sometime in 2020. Chivalry 2 is currently in development for release on the latest and next-gen consoles, including PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5. The official release date for the console and PC versions of Chivalry 2 have not been revealed thus far.

On June 11, Torn Banner Studios announced the game’s future ‘Console-Crossplay’ capability, which will see players being able to connect throughout every current and next-gen platform. This means players don’t have to purchase multiple copies of the game for different consoles in order to join in on the medieval mayhem with their friends.

Chivalry 2 Next Gen

Chivalry 2 was originally announced during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019. Further, Torn Banner Studios has announced a partnership with the Epic Games Store to bring Chivalry 2 as a timed-exclusive to its platform. The game’s exclusivity will last for 12 months before being released on Steam and other PC-gaming storefronts.

The announcement not only caught the surprise of the general gaming community but also of the game’s hardcore fanbase. Many were displeased with this move since Chivalry itself was released on Steam. Torn Banner Studios took to their website to address community feedback, stating:

“We would never have considered launching on the Epic Games Store if we thought the store we will launch on will be anything like the version it is today. That store simply must improve, and we believe it will.”

What began as a Half-Life 2 mod has since become an iconic and revolutionizing franchise in both the gaming community and industry. Since the games first release back in October 2012, many similar titles have sprung up with their own spin on the medieval-battle genre, so it’s nice to see the Chivalry series making the jump to next-gen.

Crossplay will definitely differentiate Chivalry 2 from the rest of the market, as no other game of the genre has offered this level of compatibility (as of now). Whether developers’ decision to exclusively launch the game from the Epic Games Store brings it’’s success skyrocketing or plummeting is yet to be seen.

Written by Andrew Smith