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Conan Exiles Level Cap | What Is the Max Level?

Conan Exiles Max Level Cap guide

The dead men and women in Conan Exiles must travel to great lengths to fulfill their destinies. As you progress through the game, new levels and stats will become available. But after constructing so many buildings and slaying monsters, the leveling system can only go so far. That doesn’t mean the journey will end, however. Once you reach a certain level cap, you can continue to play on, no matter how far along you are in the game.

What Is the Level Cap in Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles - What is the Level Cap?

The max level in Conan Exiles is set at 60. This is the highest level you can reach from experience points you receive from crafting, hunting, exploring, and so on. And while you won’t be able to earn experience points beyond that number, there are popular mods that can increase the max level.

Specifically, there is one from Nexus Mods that will tweak the leveling system to go up to 120. Additionally, your Attributes, Feats, and Experience will also escalate to go with the character levels. This can be extremely useful for players who haven’t traveled to the North yet after surpassing the original 60 level cap.

This is surprising to acknowledge, actually. Conan Exiles currently has 12 DLCs that are available for purchase through the Steam store. Among these are the well-known Isle of Siptah expansion, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-orientated The Riddle of Steel DLC, and the variety of packs to throw into your massive inventory. None of them seem to expand upon the level cap. Essentially, once you reach level 60, even with all of the expansions and packs, you’ll only have the remaining Attritubtes, Feats, and Knowledge Points to spend.

As aforementioned, you can acquire Experience from crafting, hunting, and exploring. But players can also obtain points. by harvesting materials across the land and completing steps in The Exiles Journey. Of course, there is the tiny 10 Experience boost you can get from playing on an online server, but that’s only 10 – we can do better than that.

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Written by Andrew Smith