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CS:GO Riptide Update Adds Riot Shield and Lets You Drop Grenades

CSGO Riot Shield

A new update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive dropped recently, and it’s left a big smile on fans’ faces. Alongside the update for Operation Riptide, Valve has notably decided to reintroduce the oft-forgotten Riot Shield. On top of that is a new feature that defeats one of CS:GO‘s longest-running in-jokes: You can now drop grenades for your teammates. Join us as we look at two much-welcomed changes to the beloved competitive shooter.

The Riot Shield Makes a Return to CS:GO

CSGO Riot Shield

Yes, the Riot Shield is finally back in CS:GO, years after it’s been seen in any formal capacity. The Riot or Tactical Shield was initially removed from the game in 2015, during the Project Zero expansion. For the past six years, players have been unable to access it. Now, however, it’s back – and unsurprisingly fans are delighted.

For now, you can only use the Riot Shield on Hostage maps in Casual game modes. This isn’t too much of a surprise, of course, as the bullet-deflecting powers of the Riot Shield would be quite unbalanced within competitive gameplay. They can only be purchased by CTs (for a current price of $1,100), and unlike classic versions of the shield, they will get damaged and destroyed by gunfire. Nonetheless, it’s a fun return of an item that players have been yearning for since its removal. And it goes without saying that it has drastically changed hostage map strategies — CTs on Agency now have no trouble pushing up to either stairway, for instance.

Elsewhere, Valve has given CS:GO players both a laugh and a useful new function by giving credence to one of the community’s longest-running memes. For years, players have asked their teammates to drop them grenades. On the surface, this might seem like a tactical move, but there’s a twist. Never before could you actually give a grenade to anyone your squad. If you tried, they’d be on the receiving end of an explosion. The new Riptide update finally introduces a functional ability to drop grenades, giving a real-life presence to the jokes. By pressing G, grenades can be dropped just like any other weapon. While players will no longer be able to trick newbies into tossing a grenade their way, it’s a fun nod regardless.

Written by Andrew Smith