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Cyberpunk 2077 Crack the Ritual Shard | Cyberpsycho Sighting Guide

Crack the Ritual Shard

Uh oh, danger alert! There’s another Cyberpsycho in Northside! While this is a fairly normal occurrence in Cyberpunk 2077this psycho is special! In order to find her, you need to crack the ritual shard that is given to you by a survivor of one of her attacks. If you’re having trouble doing so, we’re here to help you out!

How to Crack the Ritual Shard in Cyberpunk 2077

After you obtain the shard, head into your Journal and locate the shard submenu. Scroll all the way down, to the “It’s Time” section. To crack the ritual shard, you can select it to start a breach puzzle, which is randomized. Once it’s cracked the quest will continue and you can find the Cyberpsycho sighting location!

If you’re having trouble locating Bloody Ritual, then head to the west portion of Northside, by the docks. If you’re in Watson, then you’re near where you might want to be! This is around Level 20, so make sure you’ve got okay gear and solid level before taking this mission on.

Once the shard is cracked, stay in that general area. There’s a fridge and a circle of bodies nearby. Search the fridge and the body at the left part of the area — the body Johnny points out for you. If you’ve searched the correct spots, then the quest will continue… By having the Cyberpsycho leap out of the fridge!

Zaria Hughes hits like a dump truck, but only in melee. Try not to get hit too often as she applies a stacking burning debuff that can tear through your health bar quickly.

Her weakness is electricity, and she actually has very poor resistance. Bring either an electric weapon or any weapon with a Damage Over Time effect, and she should go down easy. If you’re careful around mantis blade enemies, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. She has no mechanic other than hitting hard.

Once you take her down, you’ll find a shard labeled ‘!!!’ in your submenu. Read it if you want! Afterward, call Regina and that’ll finish the Zaria Hughes gig and get you through Bloody Ritual.

Hope this guide helped you crack the ritual shard! Make sure to check that Shard submenu every now and then, because you might get more rewards than you expect! Oh, and don’t forget to check out some of our other guides too:

Written by Andrew Smith