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Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams | Should You Pay Stefan?

Sweet Dreams

Cyberpunk 2077 has so much side content, but not all of it is good for your build! Sweet Dreams is actually a negative side quest, which does little more than give you a massive headache. However, if you’ve already started it, or just want to experience the story, then might as well make it worth your while! Stefan’s deal seems pretty good– should you pay Stefan or not? And where’s your gear?

Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams Quest Guide

The short answer is no, you should not pay Stefan in the Sweet Dreams quest. It’s just not really worth it, unless you’re really going for 100%.

The Sweet Dreams quest has five total steps to completing it. Right now, for all we know, there’s no major glitches.

  1. Meet up with Stefan at the No-Tell Motel
  2. Pay 16,000 Eddies for the braindance and 4,000 for equipment
  3. Go through the hole and follow the right wall
  4. Get your gear out of the locker and fight the Scavs
  5. Beat up Stefan

Meet Up With Stefan

Head to the No-Tell Motel in the Badlands. You’ll remember it from the story! Stefan is chilling there.

Pay 20,000 Total Eddies for the Braindance

Stefan needs a lot of money… Like, way too much money for the stuff. 20k is probably too much to spend on this mission, even if you’re wanting to complete the story. We came back after we had a ton of money just saved up, and that might make a bit more sense.

Go Through the Hole and Follow the Right Wall

Well… That wasn’t exactly fun. You’re naked now! Head through the hole and make sure to stay quiet. The Scavs looted you while you were on your trip.

Funny enough, this bathtub that you’re in is story relevant! This is the tub you find Sandra Dorsett in. That’s fun, right? Right…?

Get Your Gear and Fight Back

Check the locker, right next to the windows, and gear up. These guys aren’t too hard for this point of the game. Hopefully, you’re hopped up on empathetic rage and can tear through the scavs quickly!

Destroy Stefan

The guy deserves it! Unfortunately, you’ve just lost 20,000 Eddies, as the money is not on his corpse. The Badlands are rough, yo!

So, hopefully you’ve decided to talk to Stefan at the right time and can get out of paying him! Otherwise… Good luck!

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Written by Andrew Smith