How to Catch Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Searching for Cookiecutter Shark
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There are many frightening and big-bellied beasts in Dave the Diver that can give the game’s protagonist some trouble. From the Great White Shark Klaus that lives in the shallows of the Blue Hole to the reef sharks that can be used as sushi ingredients, Dave is bound to encounter them during his dives. Another one that comes up is the Cookiecutter Shark, which is also found in the Blue Hole.

This aquatic creature is different from some of the other sharp-teethed sharks in Dave the Diver. They’re smaller, and Dave won’t be able to harvest them. However, he can still use this shark to make a couple of special plates at the Bancho Sushi restaurant. Of course, he’ll need to go out for a dive to search for this unique shark.

How to Catch Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Large Net Gun
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Dave the Diver can catch a Cookiecutter Shark using his everyday acquisition tools, including his harpoon. A harpoon can easily do the job, as well as a Basic Underwater Rifle or a Tranquilizer Rifle he can craft. Alternatively, if players want to capture this shark safely, they can utilize the Steel Net Gun to snatch them up quickly. Another route to ponder is the Modified Hush Dart, which can knock out the shark. From there, you can deploy a Salvage Drone to collect the specimen since Dave won’t be able to harvest any of its meat.

The Cookiecutter Shark lives within the Blue Hole Depths (130-250 meters) of Dave the Diver, and Dave can encounter them during the day. It’s a smaller fish than the other sharks in the Blue Hole, with a size of only 50cm. The MarinCa smartphone app informs Dave more about the fish. It essentially provides data on its size and behavior, with a tidbit on its appearance. “A Cookiecutter Shark has a long oval body, black necklace patterns, and sharp teeth,” the app tells us. The latter piece of information is crucial to consider. The Cookiecutter Shark, while small, has a fierce, charged ability that comes with a vicious bite. It has strong senses, so try not to attack it up close and personal. Keep your distance while you wrestle with the shark.

Since this shark resides within the Blue Hole Depths, players must keep their equipment in top shape. This primarily concerns the Air Tank and his Diving Suit, which must be enhanced to withstand the temperatures and pressures of being underwater. Notably, the Air Tank gives Dave sufficient oxygen to stay in the water for extended periods, while the Diving Suit allows him to explore more depths of the Blue Hole. Investing in Dave’s equipment is as important as running the restaurant to attain a good reputation.

Using Cookiecutter Shark at the Bancho Sushi

Dave the Diver Picking the Best Branch Manager
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With the Cookiecutter Shark in the hands of the Bancho Sushi establishment, Bancho can prepare two dishes with the new fish. The Cookiecutter Shark Sushi comes with just the shark itself, serving up a base plate of 75 gold. That one is pretty simple to assemble and serve, yet the other plate requires more sushi ingredients. The Deep Fish Tempura not only requires the shark in question but also three additional layers, totaling four:

  • Cookiecutter Shark (x1)
  • Vampire Squid (x1)
  • Barreleye (x1)
  • Kelp (x3)

The Vampire Squids and Barreleye live within the Glacier Passage. Kelp quickly grows in the Blue Hole Medium Depths, and Gumo can also farm them. With more ingredients to serve, the Deep Fish Tempura’s base price is higher than the Cookiecutter Shark Sushi. Marked with a 395 base price, the Deep Fish Tempura will satisfy a few customers if Dave and the Bancho staff have the right ingredients. This could potentially concern some players looking to complete the “Whose Fried food is the Best?” VIP mission in Dave the Diver. Vincent Yamaoka can be a tough guy to impress, after all.


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