Where to Find Seaweed Collector Tsuchi in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Mima and Seaweed Collector Mission
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To gain the trust of the Sea People in Dave the Diver, Dave must assist the underwater villagers with various tasks. One such individual is Mima, who owns the restaurant in the Sea People Village. One of the tasks that she provides Dave is to locate her friend and seaweed collector named Tsuchi, who usually works outside the village’s vicinity. It seems like a simple enough objective for Dave, yet he’s unaware of the seaweed collector’s whereabouts in the Blue Hole. This triggers Mima’s “Finding the Seaweed Collector” mission.

Since Tsuchi operates outside the walls of the village, chances are high that he’s relatively close to home, given his position as the seaweed gatherer. As it turns out, he is! However, Tsuchi has run into some trouble, which brings us to Dave’s involvement with the Sea People. With this in mind, if you’ve swam through parts of the Blue Hole and visited the village already, you might have passed by the traces of Tsuchi at one point or another.

Where to Find Seaweed Collector Tsuchi in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Seaweed Collector House
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Dave the Diver adventurers can locate Tsuchi, the seaweed collector, by exploring the Blue Hole Depths (130-250 meters). Specifically, Tsuchi’s house is accessible by progressing through the tubeworm pathway around the 170-180 meter mark near the whale bones. Dave will make note of this once he finds a jellyfish fragment near the tubeworms. Players will need a UV Light to scare away the tubeworms, which can be acquired by looting a supply crate in the Blue Hole Depths.

Dave the Diver Blue Hole Depths
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The house sits at the end of the tunnel; once you swim to the bottom of the area, make a left. Tsuchi’s residence distinguishes itself with red and green doors, complemented by a teal door. Dave will also make a note of this. From there, head inside to find Tsuchi and his pet leatherback sea turtle named Dona. The latter is in the midst of a frenzy after consuming something strange.

Now that Dave has discovered the seaweed collector, he must assist him. To end the turtle’s madness, latch onto its tail to initiate a quick time event. Once Dave exhausts the turtle, Tsuchi will speak with the titular diver. By saving the turtle, Dave managed to squeeze out what had  bothered Dona: a plastic bag. To his disdain, Tsuchi tells Dave to warn the humans about the incident.

Expert Tip

While not every sub-mission is needed to gain the Sea People’s trust, certain characters will unlock new features that could easily be overlooked. Duwa and Kazhin of the Sea People are only a couple of underwater folks who can offer Dave some worthwhile goodies, so be sure to complete tasks for them.

Dave the Diver Mima's Dumplings
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After finding the seaweed collector at his home, Dave can return to the Sea People Village and speak with Mima to conclude the quest. Now that the seaweed collector is back in business, so is Mima and her restaurant. As a part of her gratitude, Mima will soon start cooking dumplings that Dave can consume during his dives. Some of her servings include Seaweed Dumplings, Tube Dumplings, and Mima’s Special Dumplings, all bought with Bei. Though these foods have their status effects, they only temporarily dissipate once Dave leaves the water. If players want more dumplings, they must revisit Mima in the Sea People Village. Furthermore, Mima’s Dumplings can only be ordered twice daily, once in the morning and another in the afternoon.

With Tsuchi collecting seaweed again and Mima opening up her restaurant, Dave has done quite a bit for the Sea People. Still, there is more that Dave needs to do, both on the surface and within the Blue Hole.


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