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Deathloop New Game Plus | Can You Replay?

Deathloop New Game Plus Guide with Colt and Julianna

Arkane Studios’ upcoming action title Deathloop is starting to reel in some anticipation with its release date around the corner. With this in mind, some players are wondering how much replay value they can expect to find. With new features (including a multiplayer mode) that are not native to Arkane games, can we expect to see a New Game Plus mode in Deathloop? We have the answers you seek in the guide before you.

Does Deathloop Have New Game Plus?

Deathloop New Game Plus Mode

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a New Game Plus for Deathloop. This is mainly due to the replayability factor that players will find themselves in with the game’s time loop system. Since players work on a Groundhog’s Dog cycle, it’ll be very possible that to find yourself backtracking regularly. Further, with the game’s eight focused villains, there’s only so much that can be done in such tight time restraints.

Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba actually spoke with Game Informer earlier this year detailing the team’s decision to leave the game mode out of the picture. Although he does mention potential ideas to substitute a New Game Plus mode, the current plans remain the same:

No. The reason is that we wanted the replayability to be built into the structure of the game. To an extent, you will be replaying those areas a lot, you can unlock everything, you cannot take everything with you at the same time. But it felt like making the campaign again while keeping your stuff is, ‘well, that’s exactly what I was doing just before I finished the game.’

Back to the former question. Maybe it’s something we can experiment with, but we’ll have to be a bit more wild and maybe even a bit less diegetic than a New Game Plus, because of the nature of the game.

So, ultimately, it’s possible that we’ll get to see some insane mode that encourages more playthroughs. But with the game launching in just a couple of weeks, we might have to settle for what’s already packaged. This doesn’t mean we won’t get new content down the line. Arkane Studios have released a few DLCs for Dishonored and Prey, with the latter featuring a procedurally-generated mode — something that might go hand-in-hand with Deathloop‘s concepts.

Written by Andrew Smith