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Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core | How to Get

Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core

Ever since the endgame updates to Deep Rock Galactic, Deep Dive missions and Machine Events were added to the game. However, Deep Dives were the focal point of the update, and the player can receive several unique rewards from doing them, one being the Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core.

In this guide, we will focus primarily on how you can get a Blank Matrix Core from doing Deep Dive missions. Further, we will also later explain how both Deep Dive and Machine Events function in the game. That said, get ready to suit up and mine rocks, for we are about to begin!

How to Get a Blank Matrix Core From Deep Dives

Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core

Blank Matrix Cores are one of the types of cores the player can receive from doing Deep Dive missions. However, these differ from the other rewards as they will be required later in order to receive rewards from Machine events. 

You can get Blank Matrix Cores in Deep Rock Galactic by completing the first mission of a Deep Dive. The player can also later receive one weapon OverClock or an additional Blank Matrix Core from the second Deep Dive mission. 

Deep Dives Missions Explained

Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core

Deep Dives are end game missions that are unlocked after the player has promoted their first dwarf. They are similar to the standard missions in the game, however, instead of just one primary objective, Deep-Dives have two. Further, Deep Dives also consist of pre-seeded maps and have two locked difficulty variants — normal one elite. 

In addition, Deep Dive missions are also longer than regular missions and consist of about three normal missions. After completing a Deep Dive, players will move on to the next stage, with this the player should also note that all ammo, HP, and mined gold and Nitra will carry over to the next mission. There are a total of three Deep Dive mission variants, that come together for a total of about six objectives that need to be completed in order to do a full Deep Dive. 

You can do as many of these Deep Dive missions as you wish, however, be warned, unfortunately, you will only receive the rewards once per mission variant. However, these missions are reset weekly so you can earn more rewards each week. Players can find the Deep Dives mission at the Deep Dive Terminal in the Space Rig as shown above.

Machine Events Explained

Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core

Unlike Deep-Dives, these are special events that can occur inside of regular missions. When these events spawn, the player will need a Tritilyte Key to active a Machine event. Players will get a Tritilyte Key upon their first promotion. After a player beats either of the three variations of Machine events, it will then reward players that own a Blank Matrix Core, either a Weapon OverClock or a Matrix Core Cosmetic.

Well, that about wraps up everything you need to know about the Deep Rock Galactic Blank Matrix Core. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what the core is and how to get one. If you need more help, be sure to check out our guides on the KPI Terminal and Haunted Caves in Deep Rock Galactic. 

Written by Andrew Smith