Demon’s Souls Mirdan Hammer | How to Get

Mirdan Hammer

Demon’s Souls has a hoard of weapons to get accustomed to. Because it’s a Souls game, spears are key. They have the best range, so they can be useful to outrange harder hollows. If you’re new to the series, getting the Mirdan hammer can be a great way to start. Both new and old players can benefit from building this weapon, though, since it upgrades in so many different ways. If you’re looking to find a tool for nearly any job, we’ll help you find one!

How to Get Mirdan Hammer in Demon’s Souls

The Mirdan Hammer is found in two locations: At Leechmonger Archstone and the Swamp of Sorrow in the Valley of Defilement. When you drop the plank for the shortcut, drop to your left. The item will be on a corpse on that small platform. Otherwise, you can farm this item off of Scale Miners, though the drop chance is a little low.

The Leechmonger Archstone is known in the community as “World 5-2,” so it might be a little later in your career. Otherwise, you might be in a bit of trouble, because it’s a little hard to manage. Once there, the plank for your shortcut isn’t hard to find. Just look for a plank standing up about halfway through the area. You should have fought a Depraved One and a Crystal Lizard beforehand.

Scale Miners are much earlier in the game, in the Smithing Grounds. These little fellas are the pickaxe soldiers that you can see dotted around the environment. Slaughter the black phantoms to have a chance at getting this weapon as a random drop. You can farm them fairly early on in the area, though there are a ton of scale miners later on in the area. You’ll likely find a random drop by just normally playing through the Smithing Grounds.

The Mirdan Hammer can be upgraded into Crushing, Quality, and Dragon at +3. It can be upgraded into Moon and Blessed at +6, and be crafted into the Meat Cleaver boss weapon with the Swollen Demon’s Soul at +6. The Meat Cleaver has a fantastic S scaling in both Strength and Dexterity, with A scaling in faith. For a highly spread build, there are few boss weapons that can claim such high scaling!

Written by Andrew Smith