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Destiny 2 Sharp Flavor | How to Get

Destiny 2 Sharp Flavor - How to Get

Players have a new opportunity to earn in-game gear for the holiday’s thanks to the Dawning even in Destiny 2, which functions as a gift exchange of sorts. During the Dawning event, you must collect ingredients, which you get as drops by killing enemies in specific ways. By gathering the right ingredients, you can bake cookies that you can then exchange to the appropriate NPC for a reward. If you’re wondering how the Sharp Flavor ingredient to drop, we’ll show you how in this guide. So read on to find out!

How to Get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2

How to Get Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2

You can get the Sharp Flavor ingredient to drop in Destiny 2’s Dawning event by killing enemies with a sword. It doesn’t matter which sword you use, or which enemy you use it on, just as long as your finishing blow on an enemy is a melee hit with your sword. That means you can use other weapons to get an enemy’s health low before coming in to land the killing blow with your sword. That’s the easiest way to do it, since killing certain enemies with a sword can be rather tedious.

It will still require some trial and error, as the Sharp Flavor ingredient can be a rare drop. There’s also the small chance you may end up getting a different ingredient to drop, depending on the element of the sword you’re using, which can have some implications on the Dawning event’s ingredient RNG. Nonetheless, if you keep killing enemies with a sword you’ll eventually get the ingredient to drop.

Once you’ve got Sharp Flavor, you’ll also need the Cabal Oil ingredient to drop in order to make the Vanilla Blades cookies for Lord Shaxx. You get Cabal Oil as a drop by killing Cabal Enemies, using any method to do so. Once you’ve got both Sharp Flavor and Cabal Oil, you just need 15 Essence of the Dawning to bake the Vanilla Blade cookie in the holiday oven. Then, you can give the cookie to Lord Shaxx for a sweet holiday reward.

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Written by Andrew Smith