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Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery | Get Five Night Shards

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery - Get Five Night Shards

Merlin is one of the first individuals that you’ll meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As such, his friendship will be one of the easiest things to get started on. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to hold your hand through the entire thing, though. During the crystal mystery quest, Merlin expects you to find mysterious shards and craft something with them. If you’re lost on how to gather and craft these items, then you’re far from alone. Let’s find the night shards together!

How to Complete the Crystal Mystery Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Quest

In order to begin the crystal mystery quest, you’ll have had to unlock Donald Duck, reached level 6 Friendship with Merlin, and unlocked the Forest of Valor. To complete this quest, make sure Merlin is assigned to follow you out to explore the Forest and head west of the Orb of Courage. You’ll find the small interactable stone on the ground. Then, you’ll need to gather five Night Shards from diggable terrain that spawn within your city limits. Finally, go to the Potion & Enchantment column to craft the Purified Night shard using a Dream Shard and your Night Shards.

Unlocking this quest requires you to get far enough in the story. Make sure you are consistently talking with Merlin and doing his side quests. While level 6 does require some doing, it isn’t impossible to farm to quickly.

Once you have the quest, the only part that’s a bit awkward is finding the cursed item in the first place. Simply head west of the pillar holding the Orb of Courage and you’ll be in a good spot. This item is a simple black shard that sparkles on the ground. Look for the interactive glow near some trees.

Night Shards are a basic resource acquired from digging at sparkling terrain within your town. Equip the shovel and walk about, and you’ll have enough supplies to impress Merlin.

Once you have those and a Dream Shard – which has a chance to drop whenever you clear out Night Thorns – you can craft them under the Potions & Enchantment tab.

The Purified Night Shard is one of the better presents in the game. Choose wisely!

Written by Andrew Smith