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Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Pasta Recipe | How to Make

Dreamlight Valley Fish Pasta Recipe

A variety of unique recipes decorate the diverse menu of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Your character’s culinary adventure will eventually have you cooking fundamental staple dishes, such as Pizza and Pasta. Although these are some of the simpler meals to make, they also each have their own more complicated variations. A particularly sophisticated version and one we’ll be showing you how to make is the Fish Pasta recipe.

How to Make Fish Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Fish Pasta Recipe

The Fish Pasta recipe is a 4-star entree that sells for 475 Star Coins and restores 1,282 energy. It consists of the following ingredients:

  • Fish (any type)
  • Garlic
  • Wheat
  • Milk

A majority of the ingredients needed in cooking Fish Pasta are relatively easy to acquire as they can largely be obtained within the opening areas of the game.

The most important ingredient and the one it’s named after is also easy to get. Any fish that can be caught in the ponds found throughout Peaceful Meadow will suffice for this dish.

Wheat and Wheat Seeds can be purchased for three Star Coins and one Star Coin respectively in Peaceful Meadow once you’ve repaired Goofy’s Stall.

Wheat Seeds are the cheapest item in the game and also take the shortest amount of time to grow at one minute so you’ll be able to gather plenty of this ingredient effortlessly.

Milk can be purchased at Chez Remy for 230 Star Coins after you’ve unlocked Remy from the Dream Castle and have completed a few of his quests.

Last but not least, Garlic may only be found scattered throughout the grounds of the Forest of Valor. This biome can be accessed by spending 3,000 Dreamlight. But first, you’ll also have to restore the Pillar of Friendship in Peaceful Meadow, which is one of the game’s opening quests.

Though its selling price is somewhat modest at 475 Star Coins, it still yields a respectable profit of 232 to 234 Star Coins due to the low combined price of its ingredients. On the other hand, consuming Fish Pasta provides a generous amount of 1,282 energy, which is enough to fill stamina bars at earlier levels.

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Written by Andrew Smith