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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gleaming Dusk Fragment | How to Get

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gleaming Dusk Fragment - How to Get

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of magical artifacts just itching to reveal themselves. However, oftentimes, the valley hides critical materials that you need for various crafting recipes and quests. Quest items in particular can come from nowhere. So, when you take on “Village Project: Restoring the Sunshine,” it can be confusing to be asked to gather a Gleaming Dusk Fragment. This is far from a standard material, so it can be a headache to craft. If you want to get this quest done, follow these steps!

How to Get Gleaming Dusk Fragment in DDV

How to Get Gleaming Dusk Fragment in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To craft the Gleaming Dusk Fragment, you must plant a Dusk Fragment in the darkest part of the Valley. Mother Gothel will give you the Dusk Fragment that you need, so follow her questline until you get the Fragment from the Glade of Trust. Then, you can bury it in the Forgotten Lands, water it like a plant, and wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours or more of occasional watering, you will be able to harvest the Gleaming version of the fragment.

Similar to the Orb of Nuturing, the Gleaming Dusk Fragment is a farming-based quest item. The normal dusk fragment is basically a seed that you need to care for. Thankfully, this is only one third of the fully restored Sunstone. You can restore the other two parts while you wait for this one to grow.

There is nothing you can do to get past the 24 hour time limit. According to research performed by other content creators, this is actually the minimum amount of time that it takes to grow. If you do not regularly water the Fragment, it’ll take even longer to become gleaming! You will know that it is done when you can no longer see the map icon.

The other gleaming fragments that you need involve two other mechanics. The first, the Dawn Fragment, requires some cooking. This is the second. After the Dusk fragment is handed over, you will need to collect Sun Meteorites and craft them together with the fragments. Once you have all of these ingredients, head back to Mother Gothel and you will be able to finish this mission.

Written by Andrew Smith