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Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online for Apex Legends?

Does Apex Legends require Nintendo Switch online?

With one of the best online battle royales now in its roster, the Nintendo Switch is looking better and better. Apex Legends is a great game, but it’s also a game that relies heavily on online services. It’s hard to get 60 Switches together to just play a battle royale, so you’re going to need to get online somehow. The question is, do you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play Apex Legends? Or does EA have its own server of some kind?

Apex Legends | Do You Need Switch Online Subscription?

Do you need Nintendo Switch Online for Apex Legends?

No, you do not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to play Apex Legends, even in online mode. Since Apex is made by EA, it’s just a matter of signing in and making an EA account to play Apex online. Once registered, you’ll be able to jump into games without having to pay any online subscription fees.

This follows the normal conventions for the Switch. Most free games, like Fortnite, use their own servers to handle online multiplayer. This allows them to get away with not using Nintendo’s service. $20 a year is pretty tight when you have your own server to work with, after all.

That being said, Apex does have some elements that you can purchase. Thankfully, those are all just cosmetics, so you’re not going to need to buy anything in particular.

However, you will still need a decent internet connection. Whenever you play a game of Apex, make sure you’re inside on a stable connection. You wouldn’t want to make your squad lose because you drove through a tunnel!

Apex making the jump over to the Switch is a huge milestone in the Switch’s history. It’s proof that games this big can work on Nintendo’s spunky hybrid handheld console. And with how good EA is at implementing crossplay, you’ll be able to play with people from all over! Of course, that could be a downside, depending on how annoying you find keyboard players.

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Written by Andrew Smith