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DOOM Eternal Hack to the Future II Is Now Live

Photo Credits: BioWare

Bethesda Softworks’ sequel to the fast-paced demon shoot-em-up DOOM has released a brand new in-game event. The Doom Eternal Hack to the Future II event brings vibrant neon weapon skins, titles, icons, and more into the game during the summer season. Eternal’s own multiplayer mode, Battlemode, will also see balance changes being released alongside the cyber-themed update. The event is available to all players and will take place from July 2 to August 6.

Players will have 34 days to rack up enough XP to unlock the flashy cosmetics. The DOOM Eternal Hack to the Future II event rewards includes items like the Demoncide Slayer skin, Pixel Warrior title, and the Circuit Board Chaingun skin. Further, players who are able to rack up tons of XP will be rewarded with the Retro Revenant Master Collection, which is themed after the game’s very own missile-wielding Revenant demon.

DOOM Eternal Hack to the Future II

The collection will include skins, titles, animations, and icons for the Revenant, along with an upgradeable podium. The exclusive podium and animations were created in homage of the demon’s original DOOM appearances, with the podium depicting the classic pixelated graphics while the Revenant’s new sprite animation replicates the past movement of the character.

Battlemode, Eternal’s 2v1 PvP multiplayer mode, will receive balance changes and fixes for the Slayer and Revenant respectively. Certain balance changes will occur on specific consoles, while others will occur across all platforms. For PC, Slayer’s cell count will increase from 150 to 175 while bullet count will increase from 72 to 84. For console, Slayer’s cell count will increase from 175 to 200 while bullet count will increase from 84 to 96. For all platforms, Slayer’s shell count will increase from 12 to 16. These ammo changes are in response to previous fixes to Slayer’s weapon switching speed and fire rate, which aim to further balance the game mode.

DOOM Eternal takes place after the events of 2016’s DOOM and is the fifth main entry in the series. The game follows Doom Slayer on a mission to end hell’s consumption of earth and prevent humanity’s extermination. The game boasts many new features, locations, and demons, along with its unorthodox PvP mode.

Battlemode diverts from the previous Doom’s PvP modes, in which one player fights as a maxed-out, fully armed Slayer against a pair of player-controlled demons. The Slayer must defeat both demons in order to win a round (and vice versa), since either player-controlled demon can respawn after a short period of time. The in-depth mode requires strategy and coordination not seen before in a previous Doom.

The DOOM Eternal Hack to the Future II event will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. For those new to Eternal, players can join Bethesda’s Slayers Club with their accounts to earn the exclusive Zombie Slayer skin.

Written by Andrew Smith