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Dragon Quest Treasures Burst of Enthusiasm | How to Complete

Dragon Quest Treasures Burst of Enthusiasm - How to Complete

Most side quests in Dragon Quest Treasures are pretty straight forward. Quests like Pellet Production or Mogsworth’s Treasure have simple objectives to complete. However, some quests require more effort than others, such as Burst of Enthusiasm. To complete this quest, you’ll hunt for hidden balloons. They’re not easy to find and you have no hints as to their whereabouts. Read on below if you’re having trouble tracking some down.

How to Complete Burst of Enthusiasm in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Burst of Enthusiasm in Dragon Quest Treasures

The Burst of Enthusiasm quest will be given to you by Shady and Shambles in the Wingswept Moors. After popping balloons next to them with your catapult, the duo challenge you to pop ten more.

This then spawns 20 balloons on each of the game’s islands. However, you’ll need to stick to the Wingswept Moors. Here’s where we found our balloons.

  1. Greywing Gateway Station: Directly to the right of the first-floor lift, floating near the giant ribcage.
  2. Greywing Gateway Station: Head left after exiting the lift and look for a hill with a jagged point to the left side of the bridge. The balloon is right under the tip.
  3. Mount Greywing: Travel up the spiral path leading to the top of Mount Greywing. Eventually you’ll come across a giant tree root jutting out of the mountain. The balloon is right above it.
  4. Mount Greywing: In the southwest area at the top of Mount Greywing, by the small cove that you have to crawl into.
  5. The Sweaty Bog: Under the rock ramp next to the giant tree stump, near the set of stairs leading up to the Soaring Steps.
  6. The Soaring Steps: Go up the stairs from the previous balloon and go forward until you reach the edge of the island. The balloon is on the immediate left by the trees.
  7. Soaring Steps Station: After exiting the lift, turn right and head to tree on the hill. The balloon is directly across from it.
  8. Soaring Steps Station: Go directly behind the Station and up the hill on left. The balloon is hovering above a tree stump.
  9. Leadfeather Mire: The easiest way to find this balloon is to go to the area directly above the word “Mire” on the map. The balloon will be surrounded by dead trees near a running stream.
  10. Swoopswamp: Go directly forward from the previous balloon until you see the giant ring. The balloon is in the center.

Once you’ve found and popped the ten balloons, you’ll have completed the Burst of Enthusiasm quest in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Written by Andrew Smith