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Dragon Quest Treasures Online Multiplayer | How to Unlock

Dragon Quest Treasures - How to Unlock Online Multiplayer

For the most part, Dragon Quest Treasures is largely a single-player experience. Co-op multiplayer isn’t an option despite the game starring a sibling duo. While you can’t play co-op, you can still unlock online multiplayer features. Online multiplayer won’t be accessible right out of the gate, so let’s do a breakdown on how to do so.

How to Unlock Online Multiplayer in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Unlock Online Multiplayer in Dragon Quest Treasures

To unlock online multiplayer, you’ll first need to reach Rank 4 with your gang. The requirement for that is amassing a total of ten million gold. That sounds like a very daunting number but it’s actually not very difficult to achieve. And if you utilize the Golden Ratio when going out to hunt for treasure, you’ll be stuffing your pockets in no time.

After you’ve reached Rank 4, a dapper little robot named AL4N will stop by your base. Talk to him to get briefed on The Gang Network, the online multiplayer network for Dragon Quest Treasures. There are two major facets to online play: Treasure Hunts and Treasure Tours.

Treasure Hunts are exactly what you’d expect. You can start finding treasure buried by other players in your own world. While you won’t actually get those treasures, you’ll get replicas that you can sell for gold. Meanwhile, you can go anywhere on any island to bury your own treasure. You can set three total treasure spots where you want to hide your loot, and talking to AL4N again will allow you to choose what you want to hide.

The second online multiplayer feature is called Treasure Tours. This allows your monsters to visit another player’s base to show off a piece of treasure, and vice versa. Interacting with a monster that’s visited your base will give you a brief window to spam it with as many likes as you desire. Liking treasure will increase its value for the other player. When they leave, their monsters will leave behind a replica of their treasure for you to sell.

Only getting replicas of another player’s treasure might seem like a letdown. However, it’s advantageous to collect and sell as many of these replicas as possible. You’ll need gold to buy pellet formulas and meal recipes once you have access to the pellet workshop and canteen.

Written by Andrew Smith