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Dying Light 2 Hoverboard Location | Where to Find

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard

The City of Dying Light 2 is an incredibly serious and grim area. This is a dying world, so most of the characters and exposition focus on that. That being said, not everything is so morbid. There are actually quite a few elements of this world that you can have a laugh with. From optimistic moments to the weirdest Easter Eggs around, Dying Light 2 isn’t without its bright spots. That’s why the hoverboard of Dying Light 2 is worth taking a look at! Let’s see where it is so you can pay it a visit.

Where to Find the Hoverboard in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Hoverboard

If you want to access the hoverboard in Dying Light 2, you’ll need to start at the Church of Saint Thomas on the far east side of Saint Paul Island. Head through the church and parkour through the northeast side to make their way to the Green Generator, next to a bell. Then, keep climbing until a hoverboard is seen in a window, which will cause it to disappear. Use your Survivor Sense to follow it until you reach a trunk containing the strange piece of tech.

By far the hardest part of finding this Easter Egg are the hoops you have to jump through! Getting to the church is one thing, but there’s a giant parkour challenge surrounding it. Your goal should be to look out for ways to keep climbing. The Green Generator is right next to the Church’s bell. If you can find a way to get to the highest part of the Church, then you’ll be making good time. Just work your way through the inside!

Once you reach the hoverboard, you’ll find a mini-game. Maneuver the hoverboard through a series of checkpoints to get another medal, like a Parkour Challenge. This can get you some points, so it’s a solid idea to complete it the best you can. It’ll definitely take a few tries! The hoverboard is not the easiest vehicle to drive in the game.

Written by Andrew Smith