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Dying Light 2 Level Cap | What’s the Max Level?

Dying Light 2 Level Cap

There’s plenty to do as you explore Villedor in Dying Light 2. While you’re jumping around and working your way through the campaign, you’ll unlock skills and earn experience and player rank points that will go a long way to reaching the level cap. But what is the max level, and how can you reach it?

What’s the Level Cap in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Level Cap

There are three parts to the level cap in Dying Light 2: Combat and Parkour skills, Player Rank, and Health. For Combat and Parkour skills the max level is currently 25. However, for Player Rank, it seems to be around 250 based on the first game, but no one knows for sure yet. Lastly, for your Health and Stamina the cap is unclear, but it seems you need to collect all 126 inhibitors to reach it.

Inhibitors are scattered all over Villedor and there are 126 of them in total. Collecting these is the only way to reach the level cap. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve probably figured it out. Some of the Combat and Parkour unlocks are tied to your Health and Stamina rank, too.

So, the more Inhibitors you find, the faster you’ll rank up your Health and be able to unlock the Combat and Parkour skills need to reach the level cap. The best place to find Inhibitors are in GRE Containers. However, you can also find them near Metro Stations and other random spots on the map. If infected swarm an area, there’s a good chance there’s an Inhibitor or two there.

In terms of Combat and Parkour skills, the best way to reach the max level is to simply play through the campaign. Take your time as you explore Villedor, and be sure to complete side quests. For example, a great way to earn Parkour skill points is to simply climb buildings. This will give you quick experience points that you can cash in for a new skill. For Combat, on the other hand, fighting infected is an easy way to earn points needed to upgrade.

Lastly, your Player Rank will increase naturally as you unlock skills and defeat more enemies. As we said earlier, the level cap for this is currently unknown. However, it is a good indicator for when you’re ready to take on the harder districts that Villedor has to offer.

Written by Andrew Smith