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Dying Light 2 Setting | What Happened to Harran?

Dying Light 2 Harran

We know that Dying Light 2 occurs some time after the original game. The location of Harran is mentioned in Dying Light 2, but only in a negative sense. That is, the name of the virus infecting the zombies – the Harran Virus – is a major plot point in the game. The question is… What happened? Was the mission of Dying Light a failure? Was nobody there able to get out alive? If you’re interested in this plot development, we’ll let you know the current updates for the original setting of Dying Light!

What Happened to Harran in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Harran

Harran, in Dying Light 2, was a successful mission and a cure to the disease was discovered by the original cast of Dying Light. However, a variant of the virus was discovered and grew too quickly to contain. It burst out of the quarantine and infected the world. The variant is therefor called the Harran Virus; not because the original virus was not cured, but because it mutated in an unexpected way.

Harran was a Turkish city-state in Dying Light. The protagonist’s journey throughout the city was not necessarily in vain. The cure was the focus of the first game, so the fact that it didn’t seem to work is a bit sad. However, it is a new strain that has infected the world.

The tone of Dying Light 2 is slightly darker, but not by much. Harran is most likely completely abandoned, but the City is actually fairly populated. People haven’t given up hope, and your work to clear the city will be reminiscent of the first game. Parkour and everything!

The City is Villedor, not Harran. Villedor is still European, though a bit different from the Turkish city we got to explore from the first game. Although, maybe, we’ll be able to visit Harran once again… Maybe.

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Written by Andrew Smith