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Elden Ring Jarburg Location | Where to Find

Elden Ring Jarburg Location - Where to Find

There are so many secret areas that you can miss in Elden Ring. From entire maps to little towns, this game is not afraid of keeping information from you when possible. The hidden hamlet of Jarburg is hidden game, and it’s also one of the most adorable locations in the entire game. However, it is totally possible to get through the entire campaign without even getting a whiff of it. If you’re wondering how you can get to Jarburg so you can progress quests and farm items, then we can help.

Where to Find Jarburg in Elden Ring

Where to Find arburg in Elden Ring

The city of Jarburg is on the eastern side of Liurnia of the Lakes. To get there, start from the cliff below the Artist’s Shake, then head just below the Divine Tower. If you look down, you’ll see the little Jar Village below you. You can navigate down the gravestones just south of the Divine Tower to get to the Jarburg site of grace.

Jarburg is not a critical location to the main story of Elden Ring. However, it is exceptionally important for the questline of Iron Fist Alexander – the questline ends here with several rewards. It is also the questline for Jar Bairn and Diallos, two members of Iron Fist Alexander’s quest. If you’re interested in NPC questlines, this jar-populated locale is going to be very important to find.

If that wasn’t good enough, Jarburg is also stuffed with various materials. You can get three Cracked Pots and two Ritual Pots in this town, massively upping your arsenal so you can decimate opponents with your pot-based weaponry. And don’t worry; the living pots won’t attack you for looting these pots from them.

And, you’ll also find some rare flowers down here! There are two Arteria Leaves, two Eyes of Yelough, one Miquella’s Lily, and two Trina’s Lily. While you can find these rare resources elsewhere, these are very, very easy to grab! They do not respawn, though, so don’t worry too much about farming them. You can farm other flower types here if you’d like, since those do respawn. You can find loads of basic overworld crafting materials here, including Tarnished Golden Sunflower, Erdleaf Flower, Crystal Buds, Poisonblooms, and more.

Written by Andrew Smith