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Elden Ring Legendary Armaments Achievement | How to Get

Elden Ring Legendary Armaments Achievement - How to Get

Achievement hunters will no doubt know just how tough it is getting achievements in Elden Ring. Few are quite as challenging as the Legendary Armaments achievement, which will have even hardened players struggling. It involves you collecting all nine of the Legendary Armaments scattered across the world. Given how big the game’s world is, that’s no easy feat. Luckily we’re here to help, running you through how to get the Elden Ring Legendary Armaments achievement.

How to Get the Legendary Armaments Achievement

How to Get the Legendary Armaments Achievement in Elden Ring

You’ll need to collect all nine Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring to get the Legendary Armaments achievement. Luckily, you’ll find eight of them with relative ease just by playing through the story. They’re earned from things like killing bosses to simply looting story locations, so make sure to keep an eye out and you should find them. It’s not as easy as just playing nonchalantly, so you’ll need to carefully loot areas too. There’s only one you’ll have to go out of your way to find.

Here’s the full list of all nine Legendary Armaments, so you can refer to it while playing:

  • Devourer’s Scepter
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword
  • Ruins Greatsword
  • Sword of Night and Flame
  • Marais Executioner’s Sword
  • Dark Moon Greatsword
  • Eclipse Shotel
  • Golden Order Greatsword
  • Bolt of Gransax

The elusive Legendary Armament that you won’t get during the story is the Bolt of Gransax. You can find it at the Royal Capital in Atlus Plateau. Note that you can only get this weapon before completing the story mode, so make sure to do it during a playthrough. Head to the Erdtree Sanctuary, head west, then go down the elevator in front of you. Follow the ensuing path, turn left, and you’ll see the Bolt of Gransax poking out of the wall. That’s the trickiest of the Legendary Armaments to get, so the rest should be a walk in the park. Also note that if playing co-op, a friend who has one of these weapons can briefly drop it for you to pick up. That will count as having found the weapon.

Written by Andrew Smith