How To Fix Not Enough System Memory Available in Enshrouded

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One of the latest errors that have been popping up for Enshrouded players says “not enough memory available.” Typically, this happens if you have under 16 GB of RAM. However, you may be experiencing it even if you have more than enough system memory. If that applies to you, we will tell you everything you need to know to fix the error so you can get back to questing in Enshrouded.

How To Fix Not Enough System Memory Available in Enshrouded

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Image Credit: Keen Games GmbH/ Valve.

Since Enshrouded is still in early access, it’s perfectly normal to experience random errors once in a while. Still, that’s not to say there’s no fix for the not enough system memory error.

There is a very simple way to fix this error if it’s appearing without a good reason — that is, assuming you have the right amount of system memory. Follow these quick few steps, and you’ll be able to get back to hoarding supplies in no time!

  • Find the game in your Steam library
  • Make sure Enshrouded is up to date
  • Right-click Enshrouded and click on Properties
  • Under the General tab, go to the bottom where it says Launch Options
  • In the box below, type in “–disable-ram-check.”
  • Close the window and launch the game

This procedure ensures that when the game loads up, it will no longer check how much RAM you have. Of course, you can do this if your system RAM is already insufficient, but doing so is not recommended. While the game may run on 8GB RAM, it may be an incredibly choppy experience.

As the game reaches full access, it is possible that the hardware requirements will change, and 16 GB RAM will no longer be enough. For now, though, it is plenty, and this fix should work!

Make sure to stay up to date with the updates that the Enshrouded development team is consistently putting out on Steam, as it explains their roadmap and their plans for the game.

Good luck in the Shroud, Flame Born!

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Written by Amy Eastland

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