Escape from Tarkov Update Adds Two New Quests for Prapor

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The indie FPS game from developer’s Battlestate Games has released an Escape from Tarkov update patch that brings bug fixes, as well as new optimizations and improvements. Escape from Tarkov‘s June 29 update will launch the patches along with two new Prapor quests that players can complete. Patch will also include assorted technical and freeze fixes that will enhance gameplay.

The two new Escape from Tarkov Prapor quests that will be available to players after the update releases can be obtained from Prapor after the completion of the quest “BP depot”. Players must be Level 5 to start the discover quest and will be tasked with marking four fuel tanks spread throughout the “Customs” in-game location.

Escape from Tarkov Update

The Escape from Tarkov update will implement fixes concerning damage, sound, and the game system. Some of the bug fixes include, but are not limited to double damage by a gunshot wound in the thorax, the outdoor sound being played indoors after reconnect, and weapon icon no longer being blocked in the window “Add offer” after adding a weapon mod without FiR (Found in Raid) status. There will also be a fix to Killa (an in-game boss modeled after Rainbow Six Siege‘s Tachanka) in which he would not shoot back at the player.

The free-roam game takes place in a fictional region of northwestern Russia known as Norvinsk. Tarkov, a city in the region, has become the epicenter of a political armed war between two private military companies known as USEC and BEAR. The player must choose a side while surviving the many threats presented throughout the city of anarchy.

The game’s story will unlock as you progress through the MMO survival world while fighting off threats such as savage locals and enemy players. The action RPG shooter was first available in a closed alpha back in August 2016, followed up by closed beta released in July 2017. The game has seen a recent spike in interest on platforms such as Twitch, managing to garner 2.5-million followers on the live streaming service.

Escape from Tarkov is currently available on the Battlestate Games website as an open beta. The game’s full release has not been announced as of writing and is available for pre-order through various editions for PC.

Written by Andrew Smith