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Fall Guys | How to Win at Survival Games

Fall Guys - How to Win at Survival Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale at its core, so it’s you against every other player. Here are some tips and strategies at how to win some of Fall Guys‘ most popular survival games.

How to Win Survival Games in Fall Guys

Fall Guys - How to win at Survival games

Perfect Match

While the game technically classifies Perfect Match as a “Logic” challenge, survival is a key component. The rules are simple enough: The arena is surrounded by large screens that count down while the floor tiles flash on and off. At the end of the countdown, you must be standing on a tile matching the fruit on the screen or be eliminated. It starts out easy, but quickly escalates as the number of different fruits increases as the tiles randomize. In terms of placement, make sure you’re always standing on a tile that is adjacent to as many different fruits as possible. If your memory is a bit lacking, follow the crowd and watch for players that jump quickly and deliberately.


Rollout is one of the more active games in Fall Guys. It places players on a large rolling pin broken into sections that rotate at various speeds. The goal is to avoid obstacles and gaps in the floor or you’ll fall to your doom. The key to surviving is to keep your distance from other players to prevent tripping and collisions. Be sure to space yourself out over multiple sections to increase your options and prevent getting caught between hazards.


Since this is a Crown challenge, it’s easy to get frantic — but keep cool. Hex-A-Gone drops players onto a floor made of hexagon tiles that disappear on contact. There are several floors, and you’ll want to be the last one to reach the bottom. As soon as you spawn, head for the edge of the floor. Dive every now and then to leave some tiles for safety. Keep your distance from other players and try to isolate yourself from them to minimize their play area. Don’t panic, keep a steady route, and you’ll win.

Now that you know how to win at Fall Guys‘ most popular survival games, go forth and get that Crown!

Written by Andrew Smith