Fifine Ampligame AM8 RGB USB/XLR Microphone Review

Fifine Ampligame AM8
Image Credit: Fifine.
Fifine Ampligame AM8

I found the Fifine Ampligame AM8 microphone because I was looking for a new sound mixer. After researching, I kept coming across one company: Fifine. They’re known for well-made products that don’t break the bank. With my mixer no longer working, I need something new, but I hoped to spend under $100. I discovered the Fifine Ampligame SC3 Gaming USB Mixer. Not only is it packed with features at a low cost, but it also takes up less space on my desk than my previous mixer.

I could keep talking about all the features, but today, we are talking about the AM8 that pairs perfectly with the SC3 Mixer. The AM8 looks unique and sounds great. The microphone really surprised me with the quality you get for $54.99. Let’s summarize what might make this the best budget mic for streaming and content creation.

The Fifine Ampligame AM8 Is A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

The presentation and contents inside the box were nicely packaged. Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a weighted base for the microphone. You’ll see the goods once you pull the base out and lift the pad. Inside, you will have the microphone and a USB-C cable. The USB-C cable will give power to the lights on the microphone.

On the microphone, you have two knobs—one for the mic volume and one for the volume for headphone monitoring. You have a USB-C port, an XLR port, and a headphone jack on the back of the mic. The mic has a windscreen and comes on a mount that is kind of like the Shure SM7B. You have a touch button to change or turn the RGB lighting off. On the bottom side, you have a mute button activated by touch. The light is green when in use and red when muted.

Fifine’s Ampligame AM8 Matches Well With More Expensive Microphones

During testing, I was comparing the Fifine Ampligame AM8 to my Rode Procaster. There are some differences, not just in build but in price. The Rode Procaster costs $200, while the Fifine AM8 costs $54.99. Surely, they can’t be compared with that big price difference, right? You might be surprised. The Rode Procaster is heavier and only has an XLR output. Both are dynamic microphones that can be used for streaming or broadcast.

Fifine Ampligame AM8
Image Credit: Fifine.

Let’s talk about sound quality. I was surprised at how similar the mics sounded. The only thing that the Rode Procaster did better was during the recording of instruments. It picked up a little less fuzz from the guitar amp than the Fifine AM8. Even though the AM8 wasn’t made for music, it still handled vocals and recording guitar well.

The AM8 was made for streaming and gaming. It worked wonderfully. I had zero problems using it with the XLR cable. It performed well using 48-volt phantom power and without. It was a lot louder and clearer than most microphones I have used. This stayed true even when just using the USB cable for sound. It did have a low hum, but most applications can easily get rid of it.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Fifine Ampligame AM8 is fantastic and has an amazing value at only $54.99. The sound is great and has a decent volume. Many microphones I’ve used in the past have had problems with the volume, even with phantom power on. There are only two negatives I can point out. First, there’s that aforementioned hum. It could be caused by interference with some power cords in my setup, but other mics tend to do this. Noise suppression or noise reduction settings in your recording software will get rid of the hum.

The other issue is a minor nitpick with the lights on the mic only getting power from having the USB-C cable plugged in. The lights will not light up even if you have 48 volts of phantom power through the XLR cable. You have to have a USB-C cable.

Even with those minor issues, the AM8 is a must-buy for streamers or content creators. Why spend hundreds of dollars when fifty bucks can cover what you need? To increase the value and add more practical functions, you can buy the Fifine SC3 Mixer to enhance your setup even more.

I want to thank Fifine for the product and for working with me to get the hardware reviewed.

Fifine Ampligame AM8
Fifine Ampligame AM8 RGB USB/XLR Microphone Review
If you're looking for incredible value when it comes to your next gaming mic, you need to check out the Fifine Ampligame AM8.
Clear sound.
Great price.
Nice build quality.
Mute button works well.
Low hum when using.
Lights on the mic only work with USB-C Cable.

Written by Mikey Yaden

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