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Fortnite OG Map | Is It Coming Back?

Fortnite OG Map - Is It Coming Back?

Fortnite has comfortably changed maps every chapter for the last few years now. From Athena to Asteria, we’ve been introduced to new, exciting opportunities to defeat as many players as possible. However, while the new maps might be flashy, there’s something comfy about the first map, called “Athena,” which can’t be replicated. That’s why it’s so cool that there are rumors about the OG Fortnite Map returning to the game! How founded are these rumors, however? Let’s discuss why people are talking about this.

Is The OG Fortnite Map Coming Back?

Is The OG Fortnite Map Coming Back?

In a way, yes, the OG Fortnite map is currently playable in a version of the game. However, it is not an officially created map by Epic Games. If players want to play on Athena in the current season of Fortnite, they’ll have to use the new “Creative 2.0” map code 2179-7822-3395 to jump in a remake of the map. The Atlas OGBR Map has a few limitations compared to an Epic Games map, but it will allow players to experience a nostalgia trip like no other.

For players who have been with Fortnite since 2018, Athena is a place that has no equal. Five years of map design has done the Epic Games team well. But, the original map had some of the most iconic location names in gaming. So, being able to head back is fantastic.

The map is currently under the code 2179-7822-3395. You can find it through the Discovery Tab. However, since it is made in the map editor, there are quite a few limitations. For instance, lobbies will be much smaller and there are quite a few details lost on the map. In addition, games on the map can get very unstable, depending on the lobby and number of players. The developers and Epic Games have promised to iron out these issues, so expect the map to be more robust in the future.

The Athena that this map is based on is Chapter 1 Season 3. So, if you want an Athena with a few updates under its belt, you have found the perfect place!

Written by Andrew Smith