14 Games Like Ready or Not to Conquer Special Ops

Best Games Like Ready or Not

Dive into the intense action of tactical operations with the best games like Ready or Not.

Void Interactive’s highly popular Ready or Not is finally out of early access. The full version includes a series of new weapons alongside wonderfully crafted maps. It also overhauls the starting area and makes a plethora of gameplay improvements.

It definitely feels like Ready or Not has reached its full glory in terms of development. But the fans of the intense shooter might have burnt out on it despite the new content.

That’s where we come to your aid with the best games like Ready or Not. From classics to overlooked gems, the best tactical shooters below will scratch that spec ops itch and offer a refreshing experience.

Best Games to Play if You Like Ready or Not

Starting with historic battle simulators, our list comprises the best FPS games that fall under the realistic and tactical genre. They stand out with their commitment to tactical action and attention to detail. Some of them offer objective-based mission scenarios similar to Ready or Not. The others offer a completely different experience that shares Ready or Not’s focus on reality and immersion. 

13. War of Rights

Developed by Campfire Games, War of Rights is a first-person multiplayer game that takes us to the trenches of the American Civil War, particularly the Maryland Campaign of September.

War of Rights features battles consisting of 300 players and aims to immerse you with the thrill of all-out war that encompassed the 1980s. Although we are far from the crime-fostering streets of Ready or Not’s Los Suenos in this game, War of Rights adopts the same elements that make Ready or Not great.

From incredible commitment to immersion to the thrill of firing a gun, this multiplayer-only shooter is definitely worthy of your time. It transforms the stressful experience of being a spec ops unit into taking the role of a conscript in the American Civil War. 

Similarly, the communication and teamwork are key in War of Rights as well. The title’s emphasis on cooperation makes it a great alternative to Ready or Not despite the stark difference in the settings.


  • One of the best historical war simulators
  • The commitment to realism deserves appreciation
  • Great base mechanics and immersive gameplay


  • Multiplayer-only 
  • Steep learning curve for new players

12. Hell Let Loose

Just like War of Rights, Hell Let Loose caters to players who enjoy larger-scale battles in historic settings. Although it provides a different example than Ready or Not, those who like tactical and realistic shooters will also find much to love.

Instead of delving into modern-day law enforcement scenarios, Hell Let Loose takes you to expansive maps where you rush to battle as a soldier of Allied or Axis forces. Similar to Ready or Not, it also encourages you to work as a team and strategize your actions.

In short, Hell Let Loose can be a refreshing departure from the claustrophobic and intense shootouts of Ready or Not. Since Hell Let Loose also offers realistic and immersive gameplay, you’ll still have your share of PTSD. It’s inevitable in the games of this genre, after all. 


  • Solid base mechanics
  • Expansive maps 
  • Fun to play with friends


  • Requires grinding
  • Not great at historical accuracy

Upcoming games like Ready or Not: Contain

Similar to SCP: 5K and Ready or Not, developer SinginGiant’s debut title will hopefully offer the ultimate blend of special ops and the SCP theme. According to the developer, it comes with its own universe, where powerful entities such as Sky Signs have transformed the world into a constant state of chaos and conflict.

While its setting is much different than the star of our list, Contain still seems quite similar to Ready or Not. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it also draws inspiration from hit titles like SWAT 4 and SCP: Secret Laboratory.

While it seems incredibly promising, we’ve still yet to Contain’s execution of the genre’s core elements along with its SCP-inspired theme. It’s worth noting that those who’ve played the demo gave positive feedback too.

11. Insurgency: Sandstorm

When it comes to the best games like Ready or Not, console players find limited options. Fortunately, Insurgency: Sandstorm stands out as an excellent choice thanks to its realistic close-quarters combat.

As one of the best games similar to Ready or Not, Insurgency: Sandstorm offers objective-focused multiplayer gameplay. New World Interactive’s tactical FPS also depicts larger maps and slightly more fast-paced gameplay than the former.

Despite certain differences like these, those who admire the thrill of special ops missions in Ready or Not are likely to enjoy Insurgency: Sandstorm. Specific gameplay nuances like recoil, weapon attachments, and bullet mechanics are also present.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is one of the longest-running tactical shooters out there. It boasts nearly a thousand positive reviews on PC and console. So if you like what Ready or Not offers, this one’s a solid alternative for sure.


  • Great gunplay mechanics
  • New game modes are rolled out every month
  • Realistic reimagining of a classic Call of Duty multiplayer experience


  • Small yet enduring bugs
  • Can be very punishing for new players 

10. The Arma Series

The Arma series has always been a unique part of the FPS landscape. Although they offer some of the most excellent tactical shooting experiences, they come with their unique set of problems. Finding a decent community to play with, overcoming their demanding learning curve, and getting a hand off the controls can be problematic to many.

But despite all of these issues, the Arma games are some of the best games to play if you like what Ready or Not is all about.

Incredible attention to detail, realistic ballistics, and vast open-world environments of the Arma series set them apart from other games. Although it is different than Ready or Not in terms of setting and gameplay format, the genre’s staunch fans will find lots of things to love in the Arma series.


  • One of the best realistic shooters to date
  • Immersive military simulation experience
  • Can offer wonders with mods


  • Challenging learning curve
  • Finding a community can be difficult
  • The tactical gameplay can be really hard to master

9. SCP: 5K

SCP: 5K aims to unify all the best elements of horror games and tactical shooters to date. Inspired by Anthony Shaklady’s SCP-5000 story, SCP: 5K immerses you in a dark apocalyptic setting where you fight against a cosmic horror depending on your loadout and teammates. 

Despite being in the early-access phase, the developer Affray Interactive successfully incorporated the anomalous encounters into a brilliant tactical shooter formula. SCP: 5K also comes with superb weapon customization to brilliant gunplay mechanics, making it one of the best games similar to Ready or Not.

Its high production values and disturbing atmosphere set it apart from other games as well.

For those looking for a new foray into the tactical FPS subgenre, try SCP: 5K. Do keep in mind that it’s still in alpha testing, though.


  • One of the best gunplay mechanics among the tactical shooters
  • Incredible sound and animation design
  • Great blend of horror and realistic shooter 


  • Some glaring early-access issues like crashing and poor enemy AI

8. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 and 2 

The two installments of Rainbow Six: Vegas are some of the classics of the tactical shooter subgenre. Although they were released years ago, they still offer the perfect experience for those who like Ready or Not and its realistic approach to counter-terrorism.

Both games featured solid single-player campaigns filled with tactical operations and immersive action. The ability to command your teammates and plan your attacks made these games true classics of the genre.

For a Ready or Not fan, Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 and Vegas 2 might not be too alluring due to the lack of visual finesse. But they still play amazingly in 2024, thanks to their brilliant incorporation of the genre’s core tenets. They are also some of the best third-person shooters of their era. 


  • The gameplay still delivers in 2024
  • Impressive single-player campaign
  • Tactical gameplay with innovative features


  • New gear requires a bit of grinding in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
  • No co-op

7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

It’s quite uncommon to encounter someone who hasn’t delved into Ubisoft’s hit competitive shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. As you are probably aware, it is one of the most popular competitive shooters in the gaming landscape.

Before everything, Rainbow Six: Siege is a great game to play if you like Ready or Not. But it comes with a rather steep learning curve, the difficulty of adapting to its established community, and the whole concept of ranked gameplay.

It is also worth noting that Rainbow Six: Siege doesn’t have the same level of realism as Ready or Not. Although it still leans towards games like SWAT and its spiritual successors, it offers a more fast-paced and skill-based gameplay. 

At the end of the day, Rainbow Six: Siege is a great game if you like Ready or Not. If you like planning your attacks, communicating with your teammates, and mastering your Operator’s skillset, dive into it right now. 


  • Brilliant to play with friends
  • Fast-paced approach to the tactical shooter genre
  • Operator-based, enriched gameplay 


  • Steep learning curve
  • The community sometimes fosters toxicity 

6. Escape from Tarkov

With its immersive and highly realistic gameplay, Escape from Tarkov aims to offer the ultimate tactical shooting experience. Although it had a series of glaring issues, the game has had a solid player resurgence with the latest patch that rolled out in January 2024.

While Ready or Not simulates tactical police operations set in skidrows and crime hotspots, Escape from Tarkov tasks players with escaping from a war-torn city located in Russia. Although it leans heavily towards survival and looting, gameplay nuances in Escape from Tarkov will surely cater to Ready or Not fans as well.

Thanks to its focus on tactical gameplay, it is also one of the top games similar to Ready or Not. With the latest patch, it just might be your new jam.


  • Highly realistic gameplay
  • Detailed weapon customization
  • Persistent online world


  • Steep learning curve
  • Highly-stressful gameplay
  • Server-related issues
  • Not the best option for casual enjoyers of the subgenre

5. Squad

Squad is another great title for those like Ready or Not and its intense shootouts. While it is similar to Void Interactive’s hit shooter in terms of tactical gameplay, Squad increases the scale of battle, transforming it into a large-scale war.  

It also comes with a focus on communication and teamwork, covering much larger areas than the ones we see in Ready or Not’s urban setting. Squad takes us to extensive maps, where massive battles take place in 50 vs. 50-player servers.

Although the scale is much bigger, Squad still puts you in a squadron of fellow soldiers where you depend on your teammates. While the conflict is bigger, you are still required to move with your squad to take control of the battlefield.

In short, Ready or Not is a special-forces simulation game, whereas Squad is a military simulation game. 


  • One of the best combined-arms experience
  • Different roles and classes
  • Great blend of fun and realistic gunplay
  • Immersive sound effects


  • Steep learning curve
  • May not be the best option for solo players

4. Ground Branch

Ground Branch is one of the most similar games to Ready or Not. It is heavily inspired by Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games and puts you in the shoes of the CIA’s Special Operations Group (SAG) deploying in diverse locations. 

Similar to Ready or Not, Ground Branch boasts a non-linear design in its maps alongside enemies that spawn randomly. Combined with solid base mechanics, Ground Branch knows how to build immersion with its sophisticated weapon builder and superb customization options.

Indeed, Ground Branch has adeptly incorporated the core tenets of the tactical shooting subgenre into its gameplay. It also comes with a great campaign format that sets it apart from its counterparts. Although it shows great promise, it is still in the early-access phase and requires a lot more polishing, though.

Unlike Ready or Not, Ground Branch is still not the “whole package,” as its enemy AI tends to break immersion occasionally. However, it is still one of the top games, like Ready or Not, and can be fun to play with friends for a couple of gaming sessions.


  • Great military special forces simulation
  • Large maps
  • Superb gun customization


  • The enemy AI needs a lot more work

3. Hauntingly realistic tactical shooter: Six Days in Fallujah 

Six Days in Fallujah is one of the best Ready or Not alternatives out there. This first-person tactical shooter offers a refreshing departure from the criminal landscape of Ready or Not’s Los Suenos.

Instead of helming the operations of a police department, Six Days in Fallujah drops players in the war-torn streets of Fallujah. The setting of the game also stirred up questions regarding its portrayal of the events of November 2004 and the Iraqi War.

With a heavier emphasis on co-op gameplay, Six Days in Fallujah features highly capable enemy AI. Just like your team, they try to lure you into traps and utilize guerilla tactics to make Fallujah your tomb.

Highwire Games’ popular 4-player shooter is easily one of the top games to play if you like Ready or Not. It aims to increase replayability with enemies taking up new positions in every round like they do in Ready or Not. On top of that, Six Days in Fallujah also alters the area at every round, changing the shapes and layouts of the building with procedural architecture.

Although it is a brilliant Ready or Not alternative, it is highly dependent on co-op gameplay. That’s why you might want to reconsider this purchase if you are looking for solo gameplay only.


  • Procedural architecture
  • Incredibly immersive battles set in war-torn streets
  • Both day and night missions


  • No AI teammates for solo players
  • The price tag might be too steep for an early-access game
  • Needs more content

2. Great Ready or Not alternative: Zero Hour

Another tactical FPS for those who like Ready or Not is Zero Hour from M7 Productions. Zero Hour adopts the core tenets of the tactical shooter sub-genre and draws inspiration from cult classics like the SWAT series.

Far from your classic run-and-gun game, Zero Hour puts you in extreme scenarios where you need to depend on your team, loadout, and strategic thinking. That’s why it is one of the first games to come to mind when we talk about games like Ready or Not.

While it is quite similar to Ready or Not in most aspects, Zero Hour’s unique aspect is its PVP mode. After delving into 10-player co-op missions, you can then dive into the game’s 5v5 battles, where you strategize against real players.

The future of Zero Hour definitely seems bright, with more content on the way. But since it is in early access, it might be difficult for some to ignore its technical issues. Still, it is a great alternative for the fans of Ready or Not and the genre. 


  • Gunplay feels great
  • Focus on PVP
  • Immersive atmosphere


  • AI needs more work
  • Limited weapon variety
  • Map design needs more polishing

1. Best game to play if you like Ready or Not: SWAT 4: Gold Edition

SWAT 4  stands as an exemplary tactical shooter and serves as the spiritual predecessor to many titles like Ready or Not. Although it was released back in 2005, it has endured the test of time with its meticulous level design and unparalleled sense of realism.

It also masterfully captured the essence of tactical operations and refined the experience of a SWAT officer into a video game. That’s why years after its release, it is still one of the best games to play if you like Ready or Not.

Thankfully, its Gold Edition is available on GOG and offers wonders thanks to the mods of its faithful community. This timeless classic is the best and probably the most similar game to Ready or Not. It’s also worth noting that some of the SWAT 4 maps are making their way into the latter.


  • Realistic tactical gameplay
  • Teamwork emphasis
  • Immersive level design


  • Dated graphics
  • Limited weapon variety and customization

Wrapping Up

The future of tactical shooters seems bright, with more games like Ready or Not being announced. With the current ones in early access reaching their full versions, fans of the genre will soon have a wide variety of options.

Until then, games similar to Ready or Not on this list should be great additions to your gaming sessions. You will find yourself engaging in military operations or navigating through modern-day law enforcement scenarios. 


  • Kerem Dogan Karakoc

    Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

Written by Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Kerem is a content writer with five years of experience under his belt. He also has an obsession that forces him to play "one more turn" in Medieval II: Total War and read Warhammer 40.000 lore before going to bed.

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