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Gears 5 Match Results Error | Error retrieving match results

Gears 5 Match Results Error

As video games become larger, more expansive, and more featured and complex, bugs become ever more prevalent. It’s almost a routine these days. A major company releases a big-name title a little too soon, and forces players to endure yet another development process. Gears 5 seems to be the latest game plagued by this phenomenon. More specifically, the Gears 5 match results error is displaying an “error retrieving match results” message, preventing players from fully enjoying the game. Here’s what to expect in the days to come. 

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Gears 5 Match Results Error

Gears 5 is a fantastic game, and an overall marvelous addition to the classic Gears of War series. It features an enjoyable Horde mode, where players attempt to outlast countless numbers of enemies as long as they can. Traditionally, Gears players have used this mode to gather up as much XP as possible, increasing their rank and unlocking more content. It’s most unfortunate that Gears 5 has failed on this key component. 

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Since Gears 5 has been released, many players have reported a certain error. Namely, Gears 5 simply isn’t registering their progress and experience levels. Fans of the series are sharing a Gears 5 match results error, a bug that doesn’t log or reward earned experience points and displays an “error retrieving match results” message. Understandably, everybody playing Gears 5 is beyond frustrated. 

Sadly enough, The Coalition, the developers of Gears 5, have admitted that the error isn’t on the part of the players. It’s on them. Regardless of the platform its played on, Gears 5 has effectively rendered many players’ progress entirely useless. 

The most players can do is enjoy the game for what it is. Until The Coalition figures out the root source of the problem, that’s all there is. The developers have spent countless hours finding the bug, and it appears it may be many more hours until the Gears 5 match bug is fixed. 

Written by Andrew Smith