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Genshin Impact | How to Beat Oceanid

There are a ton of enemies and bosses for players to beat in Genshin Impact, and one of these Is called Oceanid. This is a very challenging boss to kill, but if players manage to defeat it, they stand to gain tons of awesome loot. This guide will explain how to beat Oceanid and the best way to do it.

How to Beat Oceanid in Genshin Impact

To beat Oceanid, you need to utilize a lot of ranged attacks and take care of several mini-bosses. Oceanid is also different from a lot of bosses in that he won’t attack you outright, preferring instead to spawn mini-bosses. You are going to need to deal with these guys first, because each time you kill a water mini-boss, Oceanid’s health will go down.

To start, we recommend focusing on one at a time, as these mini-bosses will passively heal their health over time. Along with this, not focusing one at a time will also take too long and allow for Oceanid to use a powerful attack that you will not be able to avoid. Further, every time you defeat two of these water mini-bosses, the main boss will sink two platforms in the boss fight area. Because of this, It’s going to become vital to move and position correctly.

But before you can think about defeating this boss, you first must know where to find Oceanid. He’s is in a valley west of Mondstadt in Qingce Village in Liyue. When you get there, look for an area with a lot of bubbles. After you find him, follow these tips below to beat them.

Tips On How to Beat Oceanid:

  • For the first tip, we highly recommend being around at least level 40+, as Oceanid is among the hardest bosses to kill in the game.
  • Stay back and use powerful Amber Range attacks on one water monster at a time — focus on the water frog first as his attacks are the strongest among the other mini-bosses.
  • We recommend using Lisa as her attacks do good damage towards enemies with wet status.
  • Avoid using Anemo and Hydro characters as their attacks are useless against these water bosses.
  • Stock up on food and health items as you are going to need many consumables to beat Oceanid.
  • Watch out for enemy attack patterns, such as how the water boar will only charge at you. For the others, you are going to need to mix up your strategies.
    • For instance, the water squirrel mini-boss has short-range attacks, so you will need to attack this guy with range character attacks.

To recap, in order to beat Oceanid you must focus on beating one water mini-boss at a time by using powerful Amber Range attacks. Hopefully by following these steps you will defeat this boss with no problems at all.

We hope this guide helped you out with defeating Oceanid. But before you jump back into the game, be sure to check out some of our other guides for Genshin Impact:


Written by Andrew Smith