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Genshin Impact | Where to Find Philanemo Mushrooms

Philanemo Mushrooms

With the recent release of Klee onto the world, Genshin Impact players are rushing to get some materials! One of the more vague materials are the Philanemo mushrooms. If seeing these shrooms on your list made you scratch your head, you aren’t alone! These are one of the hardest Ascension Materials to find so far, and for such strong characters! Thankfully, they’ve just been hiding under our noses.

Where to Find Philanemo Mushrooms

If you want to find Philanemo mushrooms in Genshin Impact, you’ll have to go to any town. These mushrooms actually adore buildings and thus grow under the awnings and roofs of some. Climb up a wall wherever you see these white, flowery growths, and grab yourself a handful!

They can grow in any town, and might actually grow on most buildings. The best place to farm them is Mondstadt, since there are just so many buildings to scale. Just run around until you find a mushroom that appears to be blooming, and you’ll be all set!

Alternatively, you can buy some from Chloris for a few Mora. They’re really expensive, though! You’ll be much better off if you can find a few spots to just grind them. Typically, 1,000 Mora is much more useful in your pockets than spent on these farmable mushrooms!

Once you have a few handfuls, you’re ready to start ascending! Well, by a full handfuls… We mean a lot. Klee, for example, requires three to start ascending… and gets to about 168 Philanemo Mushrooms to fully ascend. Yikes! And the same thing is to require for Barbara and Mona’s ascensions. Good luck if you have a full party of these characters!

There’s unfortunately not a better way to farm them. Thankfully, Klee’s passives help you see them just a little more easily. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to be spending… a lot of time gathering mushrooms if you want to ascend her.

Written by Andrew Smith