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Is There a Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus Mode?

Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus Mode

Ghost of Tsushima has finally arrived and offers players a vast and expansive open-world to explore alongside its campaign. As expected, a lot of players are wondering if there is a Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus mode to play through once they’ve wrapped up the main story. Let’s take a look.

Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus Mode | Does It Exist?

Unfortunately, there is not a New Game Plus mode for Ghost of Tsushima at launch. With that said, a New Game Plus mode could be added to the game at a later date, but developers have not revealed any public plans for it at the time of writing. While this may be disappointing at first glance, it is an open-world game and it seems Sucker Punch wants players to be fully immersed in that world instead of going back through the main story again.

Additionally, the game itself will take 40+ hours to play through, so there should be plenty of content to keep players busy. Further, while there is not a Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus mode, players will be able to tweak the settings mid-game if it ever gets too difficult. So while you won’t be able to go back through the game with all of your items in-hand, if you ever meet an opponent that’s too difficult for you, you can always bump down the settings a notch to make the fight a bit easier.

It’s worth mentioning that it’snot uncommon for a New Game Plus mode to be added to a game at a later date, and has been done with other Sony exclusives in the past like God of War. So while the feature isn’t present at launch, it’s certainly possible that it could be added later, especially if enough fans reach out to developers requesting the feature.

Ghost of Tsushima is set on the island of Tsushima in the year 1274, and is the only thing standing in the way of the power-hungry Mongol Empire and Japan.  Players will take the role of Jin Sakai, the last remaining samurai on Tsushima. Despite being raised and trained in local tradition, Sakai will have to move away from the ways of the Samurai and into the way of the Ghost if he wants to save his land.

Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17, 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

Written by Andrew Smith