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Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Upgrade | Will There Be A Free Upgrade?

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Ghost of Tsushima is one of a select number of PlayStation 4 games confirmed to be compatible with the PlayStation 5. As such, many players are wondering if purchasing the PS4 version will entitle them to a free PS5 upgrade. Does Sucker Punch have plans for a Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade offer, or is this train of thought nothing more than wishful thinking?

Will Ghost of Tsushima get a free PS5 upgrade?

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Neither Sucker Punch nor Sony have made any official statements regarding a Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade. However, the PS5 will offer reverse compatibility for a number of PS4 games, including Ghost of Tsushima. At the very least, players who purchase a physical copy of the game on PS4 will be able to play it on a standard PlayStation 5.

Several different video game developers have announced that PS4 versions of their games will include a free PS5 upgrade. This is likely because such offers are a big selling point for Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox One X. However, there has been no word of whether Sucker Punch is hopping on this particular bandwagon. Thankfully, Ghost of Tsushima is one of a handful of games that have been confirmed as fully PS5 compatible. This fact alone means that a PS5 upgrade is possible. As to whether or not it’s likely still remains to be seen.

Given that Tsushima is a big AAA title that has released within six months of the PS5’s planned launch date, there is a pretty good chance that the developers have at least considered a Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade. It would be a popular choice, and more popularity means more sales, after all. However, that chance is not the same thing as certainty. We will not know for certain whether an upgrade or next-gen remaster will appear until closer to the PS5’s release.

Written by Andrew Smith