Goat Simulator Designer Announces New Game Just Die Already

Just Die Already

Curve Digital has announced that it will be publishing Just Die Already later this summer, the new game from Goat Simulator creator Armin Ibrisagic, which puts players in the skin of an old-timer as he unleashes a wave of destruction upon the city.

Under his new studio, DoubleMoose, Armin Ibrisagic has developed Just Die Already, a third-person sandbox game with heavy comedic elements, where you play as a senior citizen who wreaks havoc on a city in a similar fashion to Armin’s previous title, Goat Simulator.

In Just Die Already, players will be able to interact with a vast world at their leisure, exploring detailed environments, finding secrets, interacting with the world, and destroying everything in their wake. Players will be equipped with various weapons and items to help them complete challenges that will get them closer to the game’s objective: to earn a place in a coveted retirement home.

The game has a single-player mode for those who want to experience the game on their own, as well as a multiplayer component where players can team up with three others to combine their skills and cause even more mayhem in their world. Further, Just Die Already also features a mechanic where the main character can get hurt and lose limbs, keeping with the concept of fragility that this game attaches to its elder main character.

Just Die Already will be published by Curve Digital, famous for games like Human: Fall Flat and Autonauts. The game is scheduled for release on PC later this summer and hasn’t been announced for consoles at the time of writing, but it also has not been ruled out. For those that don’t want to wait to play the game, a demo is currently available through Steam from June 16-22, as part of the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, so get out there and wreck some havoc!

Written by Andrew Smith