Godfall Vine Chest | How to Open

Vine Chest

Godfall is a loot-filled extravaganza of a game. In addition, it’s full of little puzzles to make loot grabbing a little more than just slapping monsters. One of the premier puzzles in Godfall are the vine chests, which can be both tricky to find, and tricky to solve. The vine chest is relatively contentious amongst fans of the game, but we’ll help you find it so you can solve it for yourself!

How to Open the Vine Chest

The vine chest is in the first part of the “Crimson Ades.” Head down the mountains until you see a pool of water with some bulbous plants growing out of it, with a bridge heading down to the rest of the mission. There’s a chest there, covered in plants, which cannot be opened quite yet. The pool should be easy to spot since it’s on your way down the mountain.

Once you’re at the treasure, now the fun begins — this chest can be really annoying to open up! To open the vine chest, destroy the vines before they regrow. This can be quite tricky, as it doesn’t take long before they make more vines!

Hold Spirit Vision down to see the plants that are connected to the chest. You’ll want a weapon with decent reach if you want to avoid the plant’s explosion on death or use the shield as a ranged attack. Run around quickly and use your weapon to destroy the plants, and pay attention to when the chest grows gold.

The chest will show you where more plants are about to spawn, and you can kill them before they mature, thus negating the explosion effect when they die. Once all the plants are dead, the vines will lower and your loot is available for the taking! So pop it open and enjoy all the treasures inside the vine chest.

Written by Andrew Smith